Plants are a bit droopy. Please help diagnose

These are almost 6 weeks old. I topped them all about 3 weeks ago. The new growth looks pretty good, but the old growth is droopy and some of the older fan leaves gave ripples in them. Some leaves lol like they might be canoeing. Most leaves are nice and green with a few spotty leaves here and there. I watered and fed last night in hopes that they would bounce back, but they didn’t appear to. I used 1/4 Gal tap water w/ 1 Tbsp of Big Bloom & 1/2 tsp Grow Big, pH=6.7. Split the water between all 3 plants. Did not saturate; only watered around the center. Temp 70-75°F with 56-60%RH.

My guess is that I have been using too much water for past waterings. I was saturating the pots, and it was taking over a week to dry up. That is why I didn’t saturate this time. Another thought is that they might be outgrowing their pots. What do you guys think?

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I’m having trouble dialing in a new led build. Mine was looking alot like this except more bleached tips. Just curious what light and how far away?

Sad tacos

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I have Two 100W LED Garage Bay Lights - 12000LM/6500K each. I also have a DIY LED with 8 Bridgelux
BXEB-L0560Z-30E2000-C-B3 strips
on a 1050mA Meanwell HLG-240 Driver with dimmer.. The dimmer is set to about 80%. The DIY is about 24" above

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I’m no way saying go with this idea but your still in veg so it would be safe to turn down the diy light to 45-50ish and see how they react after a day. Just what I’m seeing on my run with new led

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I can’t believe I’m down to 195w on a 320w driver and my girls are starting to be alot happier with me👍

Thanks I’ll give it a shot.

You split 1/4 gallon between all 4 plants? Roughly how often do you do this?

They probably just need to be watered more.

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There are only 3 plants. This is my first time doing that. I was watering with more, but they were taking over a week to dry up, so I thought I’d try less.

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Hope that’s not y I keep turning down my light😣

Bring your canopy temps up to 80f or so during lights on if you can. That should increase transpiration and dry your pots out faster.

If your pots have been wet and heavy for a week the lack of oxygen to root system could make plants droop like this. If they don’t need watered you don’t want to apply any water. If they do, a quarter gallon between 3 plants isn’t going to be enough.


Are they droopy all day or maybe just before lights out?
Plants will droop just before lights out.
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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