Long-Term Pending VIP Points

I have 100 Refer a friend VIP points pending for over 3 months. I know for a fact that my friend purchased and received his seeds months ago. I’ve sent several emails to support@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com but the only reply I ever receive is my original message repeated back at me verbatim. So odd. What is going on? Can someone help with this?


Maybe @ILGM.Stacy can help with this?

Hey Covertgrower. Does tagging @ILGM.Stacy draw their attention to this post or do I need to contact them directly?

I received a “First Mention” badge notification that explains that mentioning someone in your post generates a notification to that person so I have my answer.


She’s on a different time zone, and it takes a day or two for a response.

Hi there,

I looked into this issue, it looks like we did reply to all your emails. Aren’t you receiving any of them? Did you check your spam folder to be sure?

About the points; the points are pending because it the system says no payment was made for this order yet. Can you give me your friend’s order number so I can double-check up on this?

Thank you!


Hello @ILGM.Stacy. The email replies I receive coming from support@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com contain nothing more than my original message repeated back at me. There’s no actual reply. As for my friend’s order I’ll give him a call and see if I can get the order number. I can share his Name and Address privately if that will allow you to look up the order. Quite honestly, he’s retired and enjoying a bountiful harvest from the last growing season so getting him to do anything lately (even just getting online to lookup his order number) might be a challenge.

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Thanks for getting back!

Hmm, that’s strange. We will look into this. In the meantime, I will PM you about your friend’s order. His name and address should be enough for me to find back his order so you won’t have to bother him. :smiley:


Stacy corrected the issue. Thanks Stacy and ILGM.