Concerned grower looking for my order lol

So I ordered 10 days ago and they have yet to take the money and still says processing is anyone else having this problem during this covid 19?

@Sheets84 I ordered seeds to sheets last week ilovegrowingmarajuana said there still shipping with cov19

You order from

Yep on 4/11

My order still says processing and the money hasnt came outta the account

You paid by debit than they say it’s complicated with debit overseas your card internationally

I paid money order sent priority last 4/16 should got by 4/21’

I know that during 420 sale they sold out of everything they had on sale. Just guessing but they may swamped trying to get orders processed.

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I ordered mine before the 4/20 sale started and paid with E-Check so shouldn’t of had problems getting it at all. Thats 2nd top preferred payment. So assuming something is either messed up or I’m screwed lol

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@Sheets84 I hope mine ain’t messed up either go to customer support forum text them

@we be patient there probably back up orders @Bulldognuts what he said

Have you sent a email to ILGM yet. If not go to seed website and login. Go to support. Once page comes up scroll down and find Heading that says ILGM support. Then you’ll have 3 choices, pick contact us. You’ll need order number. Just fill out ticket and send. I’ve contacted them 3 times this way and received responses within 12 hours or less. Problem was resolved quickly all 3 times.

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Yeah I just sent them something earlier got an instant response saying cause of covid-19 its gonna take awhile to get any kind of response so I’m just gonna be patient I got about 7 more weeks before my other babies are all done lol so hopefully i get them within 4-5 weeks


i use billpay. it takes a minute for them to get the money. then you get an email saying payment received. then you get an email saying seeds shipped. it could be a few weeks from ordering to receiving.


Honestly I paid with a e-check received my seeds, germinated and now got seedlings. Wife told me yesterday they still haven’t taken the money out. So maybe they are having bank issues I leave it In the account just in case.

On top of that my order was short so I exchanged multiple emails with them and they never mentioned any problems so I don’t know.

They got completely wiped out for the 4/20 sale so I would assume your timing was bad. It will happen but don’t be in a huge hurry.

Man I sure hope I receive mine soon lol getting excited

Sheets84, I’m assuming you are a beginner. I am too. Just germanated and planted a few days ago. I waited for awhile for my first seeds. I got em! I think the biggest thing I’ve learned so far on this journey, (from this wonderful site) PATIENCE! That, so far, has been the hardest thing for me. The ladies are starting to peek out of the soil and I’m ready to harvest. PATIENCE! We’re going to get there. Have fun!

Right I think patience is like beginner kryptonite.