Ordered and paid 30 days ago and have yet to ship from ILGM

I ordered seeds and paid via bit coin on 4/24/2020 today is 5/25/2020 and my order has still not shipped. I have emailed asking about my order and seem to just get a roundabout response like “we will prioritize your order” and the latest one said my seeds were in stock and would ship soon this was about a week ago. Is this normal? Can someone help me figure out what is going on as this is extremely frustrating, after being told order would ship 2-5 days after payment received.

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Things can sometimes be slow. Yes, slow to the point where you gotta ask why. Its not like they gotta build the damn things rite? FWIW. I dont know of any seed bank that doesnt take a few weeks to get stuff to ya. Ilgm always comes thru tho. Be patient, remember… this is a business segment in its infancy and doesnt have the kind of budget and financial horsepower like amazon or wal mart does. We just got crawling, natural to stumble some as we learn to walk.


Everything was so much faster before the toilet paper epidemic.

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Thanks for the responses. I’ll try to be more patient and keep an eye out for them.

You’ve been patient. That’s quite unusual for them and you definitely have a right to raise questions. The delay is probably caused by the large increase in sales due to the 4/20 sale combined with the covid shutdowns makes it take longer to fill orders.

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That’s unfortunate, and my guess is that one or more of the items you ordered is holding the whole kit up. They’re short with the pandemic, but I’m sure they’ll try to make it right. @ILGM.Stacy can you help this person out? Perhaps offering to sub in items that can ship immediately?

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Hi @Pg89,

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

Although we do have some small delays due to the pandemic situation, it shouldn’t take this long. I’m very sorry about this.

I’m in contact with our warehouse about this specific order, I will keep you updated and I will reach out to you personally as I want to offer you something to somewhat make up for the delay.



Are they slow or fraudulent? I paid for an order, which they cashed on 2/16 and they won’t do a damned thing. The “ANGELS” aren’t worth pissing on, their promises are empty and I’m going medieval.

I have never had a issue with them. My last order took a few days longer than previous.

Well, my previous 2 experiences were GREAT! Allegedly they are getting my order ready to ship. I guess folks have different experiences.

Also must depend on what part of the world you are in. For me in Australia it is slow, but always comes.

I think it is fair enough and I just order earlier

I’m 2400 miles away

I grow because it treats muscle spasms that I get from neck damage in a car accident, but my shipment from two weeks ago has not been sent out, I understand the world is weird right now, and I understand if shipping is slow but it has been paid for two weeks and no shipping confirmation yet, I am going to run out of “medicine” before it can grow if I do not get my seeds in the next week, and this will cause spasms in my neck to the point where I can barely function in society, and I can’t just go and buy any because I have allergies to quite a few strains so I have to grow everything myself otherwise I get a reaction, I really hope my seeds get in the mail on Monday

@Medicinalstoner Do you have an order number? We can tag someone from the seed bank to take a look.

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2075052, correction it hasn’t been 2 weeks, it has been 12 days