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How long does it take to get a tracking number?

Got me there. :slight_smile: I will pass this up the line. Peace

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So, uh yea, I have still not received an email from contact or a tracking number and the new password does not work either.

Thank you for resetting my password, but I still do not have a tracking number. Now it is saying:

Terribly sorry, but we could not locate your order.
Please recheck your order number and e-mail address - it must match exactly the one used when placing your order. If you continue to have trouble locating your order, please contact customer support at orders@ilovegrowingmar

There you go. Contact

I do not believe you get a tracking number, and I am sorry I have not got a better answer for you. Things have been crazy around here lately. If you item was shipped; it should arrive, as long as all info submiyyed was correct.

PLease be patient, and we will check it out. :slight_smile:

Hi Guys!

Sory for the late replies! I’ll get the tracking codes out today! I’ve been super busy and I keep forgetting but I’ll do it today :slight_smile:

We love you Claire! :smiley: Really. Thanks for taking care.

Is there a return address we can send packaging back to if it helps you out any…?

For what purpose?

I feel guilty for only ordering 3 seeds (still think I was ripped-off by the first seed bank I ordered from)… I placed an order for 10 more seeds after everything went as I knew it would here (2 free DVD’s…? and my first order was about what True North charged me for just the shipping, on an order that was never even shipped).

Just more than happy to send back the DVD’s if it helps out.

If I order boost to try next year (around August) with another seed order… would the seeds be packed with the boost (same package)…?

And are there Logo .jpg files we can print for sending other growers to the site…?