"long-lasting" 5-3-3 for WW auto

Hello All,

I am growing WW Autos for the first time and would love to get a great yield.

I have this fertilizer in my shed and am wondering if it will be a good fertilizer to feed my plants and if so, when should i add it? its a 5-3-3 and mentions “long-lasting”.

I heard nitrogen is good early on in the plants life, which is why i thought the 5-3-3 would be good. I also have plenty of wood ash which is rich in nitrogen.

see photos:

If this isnt good what should i look for in a fertilizer. Autos lifetime is short apparently, so should i get something more apt to help during the flowering stage?


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I’m sure it would work but I have never grow autos so I don’t want to give you bad advice so I’m gonna tag a couple people who can give you a good start…@Floridason @BIGE @Sasquatch…I’m sure it’s not a big difference but I’m the last person who wants to give you bad advice…

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I tried using off brand nutrients and auto are so sensitive I have burned one up with manf recommended doses so be careful


that is a good brand used it for years its all organic so its hard to burn plants with plus the bio tone is microbs that liven up the soil , the tomato tone was better before they change the mix.


I just saw that same braND beING used in the news for arbor day tree planting


@greentree @sirsmokes

and to confirm: i would use this early on in the plants life because its higher in nitrogen, right?

and I should find a 10-10-10 or 10-15-10 for flower?



would you mind sharing a nutrient timetable for autoflowers?

and what nutrients to buy?

Lots of nutrients out there. I use Fox Farms for my grows, and their feeding chart is on their site. If you order from Amazon, most come with the FF feeding charts.


Interesting as the Arbor Farm is just down the highway from me. I guess I’m going to pay it a visit :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes i the frist month you will be good unless they show signs of switching

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do i flush the plants when switching fertilizers?

do i need to flush other than for harvest with autos??


When switching, I don’t know for sue. I’ve always used FF nutes, so I’ve never had to before.

You should be fine with just the final flush, unless you run into a problem during the grow. I only flush as a last resort with autos.

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Check that, if it’s released over a month and a half or longer, don’t use it. With autos, their veg time is normally a month, month and a half tops, then you’ll want more flower nutes. A three part nutrients system like generalhydroponics or foxfarms would be better

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@HornHead @Budbrother

any idea how they would turn out without using any fertilizer, just having good soil?

The plant would use up all the nutrients within the first month, month and a half. Then you’d need flower nutes

We have been growing WW for the last 3 turns now. Last one in coco so i cant really advice u anything cuze u are growing in soil. But from our last 6 month of experience i can tell u this:

  1. We grow in coco with the lucas formula and the GH feeding. That means they are getting less of the nitrogen than recomended. If u use to much of nitro for autos it gonna be either a !@#$ing tall plant. Also the autos is much more sensitive to getting to much nitro so it get poison for them
  2. Autos and especially WW are turning at 4 weeks normally and then u need the flower feeding.
  3. Autos is also sensitive to flushing, cutting and other extreme action u take with them. They grow best when left alone. But still u have to keep an close eye on them cuze the conditions can change from one day to another.
  4. If u grow under LED light make sure u give them extra calmag.

There are so many options for fertilizer at the store.

I ended up buying a 2-3-1, which i think will be good at the flowering stage. correct me if i am wrong or if there is a better ratio for flowering stage. ( i even saw a 0-45-0- WOW)

Anyway, what npk ratio should i get for the veg stage? 5-10-5? 10-10-10? 4-3-2? 3-2-3? another one?


I am not using FoxFarm because they are run by monsanto apparently :frowning:

From those choices… veg 10-10-10 & flower 5-10-5

what would you recommend in general, not specific to those choices?