Autoflower, more nutrients?

High all, I have been growing photo-period for years and had my first experience with autoflower this year. Wow, what a difference. My question is how much should I increase nutrients, I have always been cautious because I was afraid of nutrient burn. I grow in soil using fabric pots. Thank you for any help.

How far are they and what is your soil? I use FFOF and it has enough preloaded nutes to last 5ish weeks. Autos are usually going to preflower by then and are ready to feed. I have used all FF, and start feeding at week 5, ½ strength. Then go from there.


I have plants at 3, 5, and 7 weeks. They are in a mix of Happy Frog, Pro-Mix and perlite. I use FF Grow Big in veg and Big Bloom in flower, half strength. Thanks

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I treat Autos the same as Photos.


I do the same as @MrPeat . The only thing auto do different is flower on its own

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Thanks all, I was just curious because they finish so much faster.