Autoflower nutrients

Hi, so I have my autoflower white widow seeds in the paper towel rn and I will be planting in 5 gallon fabric pots using fox farms happy frog, if anyone has a similar run goin I was wondering what nutrients are good to pair w the soil. Thanks, this is also my first ever grow so tips are appreciated.

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Jack’s 321 is most recommended here I personally use canna

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FF soils run about 4-6 weeks with nutes, but I second @Dclark with nutes. Jack’s 321 is easy to use. Very forgiving. Easily adjustable. Check your runoff ppms every few days. When they are ~1,000 then start feeding. If you decide to go with Jack’s (can get a 6lb kit that for $26 that will last a long time) you feed every watering.

Also, in FF soils, when you start feeding nutrients, I suggest a flush before first feed. Lots of growers in FF tend to run into minor issues around this time and it’ll help you know better what you actually have in the soil when you start adding nutrients.

Hope this helps! Good luck and happy growing!!! :green_heart::palm_tree::sunglasses:


Jacks 321. You can check out my current grow 6stringTs #5grow journal, with Jacks 321 in FF CocoLoco. I love Jacks and they(JR Peters) are VERY helpful.

Fox Farm Liquid trio, Fox Farm soluble pk boosters, calmag and silica.

I use this altered feeding schedule, works pretty good. Outside of that, with autos wanna ease them into the nutes so when you do start giving them, start out at .25-.5 the suggested feed and work your way up to full. She will tell you if you dont feed her enough, ot too much. With auto’s less is often WAY more.