Lighting pro's please

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Straight to it then, ay…?

I have 4 of those Chinese 100w panel lights over my 3x3 tray that I over filled with 6 plants.
So my question is what kind of coverage and penetration am I ACKSHULLY getting???

Funky pic but you get the point.

Looking HARD at…
Spider Farmer SE5000 480W LED Grow Light Dimmable Full Spectrum but that’s a big spend.
I’ll do it if it’s worth it though.
Also have my eye on this, but will it REALLY cover 4x4 in flower? And a rectangle HAS TO have a hot spot in the middle.2023 New Version SF4000 LED Grow Light | Spider Farmer Official
Ndb4 “download that light app” I did and it kept defaulting to my screen camera, so no joy on that.
Any help from you fine and intelligent advanced folks would be greatly appreciated.

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Not very good.

Stick with lights built with Samsung LM301 diodes and you will be fine.

Anything over 360 watts should be fine in a 3x3 that is packed with plants, though I wouldn’t call the 480 watt light overkill. I run ~300 watts per plant (I don’t fill my tent.)

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So yeah, them samsungs are all that?
Looking at my sativas says my lights are ass.
I have a grow log if you want to look at pix.
Thanks for the feedback :+1:

The LM301h diode is the best currently available and has the highest available efficacy. The LM301b model (what you will probably get with Spider Farmer) are a generation old, but still work quite well. The h model is only 10% more efficient.

Samsung now has a new model that I haven’t seen used yet. It is the LM301h EVO. I don’t know if it is in production yet or not. @dbrn32 would probably know.


They are available, I’m not sure who is all currently putting the evo into modules yet though.


Most manufacturers are using them now I believe hlg went a different route with their latest light I believe they went osram plant centric diodes

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I’m WIDE OPEN in a spare room.

Medic grow makes a very nice affordable light

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I’m looking to over cover a 3x3 tray so i can spread them open/out to the edge and still have nice returns. Thats why I want 4x4 flower coverage.


So as far as how good the Samsung is, what does that translate to in muh grow?
More density? More stank? Bigger flowers?
Sorry for the ignorance.
I’m old school. Last time i grew it was slam them with hps “lumes”

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I’m using a 480w in a 4x4 I have 5 autos going
It does have the Samsung diodes and is a green beams which I think went out of business

I’m also not any sort of pro anything

I have no complaints as the top most part of my colas are as thick as a water bottle ,the rest are really nice sized


Those are spectacular bro, great job :+1:

“A picture says a thousand words…”

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I appreciate the flowers …no pun intended lol ok maybe a little …

I’m excited to chop I’m thinking another 2 weeks possibly for the 3

And then another 2 for the other two ,
All started the same time but for some reason the center one and the front left one …just lagged a bit ,

Problem is I have 5 others going in the bottom

And they are searching for light just a little more than I thought they would lol …

This light was recommended to me by @Graysin a while back and I love it ,I was actually going to get another and was upset they went out of business ,I believe kingbrite makes a 480 that’s very comparable to this one

Those little ones are searching and I even have a 11” magnet bar light right above them , because of the other plants I can’t lower the light above any more lol

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I looked for your current light and was bummed when i found it was out of business

I’ve read @Graysin and that cat is on point.


Haha yes agree 100 percent about graysin …

That’s where I learned about the kingbrite .
And many other countless things lol .
Solid person and friend and awesome grower and breeder

The 4 corner plants are of her creation …yeti wedding
The center plant is a daquiri lime by Dutch passion


Those sound like good crosses


The yeti wedding are really impressive plants


Im running a little smaller operation than you but just figured the more referance pics you have to look at the better lol.

Spider farmer SE3000 in a 27x27


Nice set up and those tops are killing it.
Great job :+1:
Thanks for the feedback.
I’m liking the bar lights


I would recommend hanging 4 to 6 spider farmer sf-1000 lights above your grow. Each is dimmable which allows you to have a good even coverage without big hot spots.

Each of my lights is currently made up of 5 of the SF-1000 lights. I made an aluminum frame for mine that allows me to move the lights around individually as well as soon each to it’s own level.
Each light fixture is 48x30 and able to hold 6 lights.

I’m also going to add the extra uv lights from SF down the center.