Lighting and grow area

Just wondering if a 500 watt led full spectrum is going to have enough to flower my girl my grow area is 3x3

Do you know the true wattage draw of your LED?

They are sold with the watts as equivalent to HPS, the actual draw is what is used to calculate watts/sq foot

250 to 300 watt hps

A 450w meizhi is really 190w and I use that for 2x2 space!
The recommendation is 35w to 50w per square feet.

28-33 W per sq foot- should be fine

Don’t forget @Sl1 more light /bigger buds and density

the problem with the one single light is that the lighting footprint might not be large enough to cover the 3x3 area. I use 3 lights in a 3x3 tent. 400 watts total draw wattage. A little high on the scale but my 3x3 tent footprint is fully covered.

Roger that thanks I felt the same way but needed to be sure looking in to another light thanks again

where are you looking? Take a look at the 400 watt roleandro cob on amazon. On prime day they were down to $84 but i think they are back up to $99 which is still a great deal. Put two of those in your tent and you’ll be cruising!

If you’re getting the cheaper led get 2-3 different companies this way the LEDs are putting off different spectrums. I am using 4 different companies LEDs to widen the full spectrum in my grow area.

Id go viparspectra 600w, just got mine and haven’t plugged it in yet. When I do I’ll post pics if it’s in your price range. It’s 260 watts actualish and man… You’ll see it’s gorgeous. Designed for a 3.5 x 3.5 space so your good in veg and flower! :sunny: