Flowering Lights recommendations

I’m preparing to invest in a flowering tent and I want to up my game to 3 plants perpetual grow, as well as using my current set up for Veg and to keep a Mother.

For a 6x2x6 - would 900W be overkill?

I want to push for 3-5 z per plant.

So figure 35watts per sqft for LED (True watts) 12 x 35 = 420 true watts
50w per sqft for HPS 12 x 50 = 600 watts for HPS


I run LEDs at 35w/sq foot now - want to move up to 50 or greater

Wondering about foot print - would a 900W cover 6x2 well or would two very powerful
450s be better for this linear set up ?

High yielding LED growers, what do you use?

Or 3-200w LED one for each plant. What do you have now?

Right now I’m running 2 300W LED one per plant , true watt coverage is 35 W ft sq - this space is going to be used to veg now.

The new flowering tent will also be linear and will basically keep each plant in a 2x2 dedicated space but I’m increasing height by 1 foot so I can flower taller plants.

I can do the math, thanks :sunglasses:I’m really looking for recommendations for work horse LEDs that are tuned for flowering and that will give me the 50W min sq foot I desire and come in around $200-300 for lighting.

That maybe a stretch. Would love to know what others are using. I’d like to get the optimal yeild per plant - not SOG or SCROG grower, soil medium

Thanks in advance :heart_eyes:


I ran 1200w led in a 6ft tent and it was too much for my girls. 900 maybe just right. I copped mine off amazon not sure of the brand though.

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I would get 2 450w LEDs for your flower tent, maybe even throw an extra 300w LED in there too. I’m running 2 300w LEDs in my 5x5 flower tent right now but I’m buying a 450w LED to throw in there for more light!


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I’m whit @ktreez420… I’m using a 450w meizhi on a 2x2x5 grow box. @yoshi told me this… Meizhi is good for flowering stage and Viparspectra is good for veg stage…
I’m very satisfied with my led light!

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It works great for what it cost ?

If you ask me @yoshi… Definitely it’s a good light :joy:

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