400w hps or 3 x 300w leds?

Hello fellas! It has been one year since I started growing. I took this time to read a lot and did not spent a lot of money on gear because I wanted to learn as much as I can about how the plant behaves. I even went through a couples of guides about using the moon cycles. Now that I feel comfortable about starting a serious growing project I’m coming with two of the most basic questions, first I will tell you about my growing space.

Im winking about two tents for flowering, both 24x48x70 and one 24x24x48 for veg.

One flowering tent will be destined for a heavy medical indica, as far as your knowledge, what’s the best indica sold at ILGM? If you have experience on making RSO OR cannabis oil with A ILGM strain let me know.

The other flower tent will be destined for a fun sativa.

I’m thinking about a T5 florescent. But I’m still not sure if I should go hps or led, I’m willing to take the extra steps about cooling down the tent if hps do better yields.

I want to evenly scrog 2 plants per tent until the whole space is covered with a nice canopy.

I’m thinking about doing this carefully and professionally, so I’m getting a mis range ph meter for water and soil and 7 gal pots (for the first batch I’m starting directly on the big flowing tents and from sprout to final 7 gal pot because I always mess up transplanting)

Basic fox farm products will be used.

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Look at the wattage drawn from the wall on those LED lights. It’s probably a lot less than 300 watts. Let’s say it is 150 watts, then you have 3x150=450 watts LED. It’s always better to have multiple light sources. You get better penetration. So I would say go with the LEDs.

It’s really difficult to get 50 watts per square foot with T5s. You need a tent that is 4 feet long and 8 of the 54 watt tubes for a 2 x 4 tent. Hard to get 8 tubes in a 2 foot space because you need to reflect the light from the backside of the tube. That’s only 3 inches per tube. Just about impossible.

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I’m with @1BigFella on the LEDs, in fact, you would probably benefit to stepping up to 400 watt LEDs or something that pulls about 200watts from the wall. That’ll give you your 50watts/ft² in both tents

This is what I would recommend

Grow Co. 315W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH System w/ Philips 3100K Full Spectrum Bulb 240V Cord Included


@1BigFella @TDubWilly thank you for your answers! Well I already have a 1000w led (“bestva” is the brand, It probably pulls around 250w) if I were to get more leds, I would get 3 Mars hydro 300 per 2x4x60 flower tent, do you think that’s enough? and the T5 just for veg.

@Hogmaster how much cooling work should I do if I go hps with that 315w? Do you think a bathroom fan pulling hot air directly from the bulb out of the tent and a couple of fans will work? I try to pull some cool air from vents inside tent too

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I use a 4in carbon filter

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I think if you have even a bathroom fan pulling air out directly from an HPS fixture and dumping it outside, it will make a huge difference. Especially if you have other fans mixing up the air in the tent. You want to make sure they are not mixing in the hot air from the HPS bulb.

Hard to get enough light for flowering from T5, but I think you could do it for veg. You need about 400 real watts for a 2x4 tent. Check the LED ads to find the true power use and go from there.