I have a bought the correct led light

I’m just about ready to set my first grow, I have a tent 1.2 x 1.2 metre and have bought a king led light. I’ve read a lot and watch plenty of videos but I’m still a little confused with the lighting set up. See photos below of the light and spec, I purchased
I want to know if it’s going to be adequate for my grow tent and also what would be the idea number of plants for the space?

Any help will be much appreciated
Thanks in advance
Jon L

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It looks like it’ll do the job for veg, for sure. You might want a little more for flowering. It says it covers 6’x6’, which is about 1.8x1.8. You might want something milder for young plants before they need that much light though. Or, you could raise it to its highest point at first and gradually lower it based on how the plants respond.


The rule of thumb for lighting is between 35 and 50 plug watts per square foot. Technically you have enough but the footprint is fairly tight which means you can’t crowd a bunch of plants under it.


Thanks a lot for the advise, when you say may need a little more for flowering? Should I get a bigger light?

Maybe just another to supplement what you have once you need it.

Thank you
Let you know how I get on

I do also have a HID light as well 600w would that be ok to add once flowering stage starts?

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Depending on the footprint it covers, that would probably work better. It would be nearly double the wattage.


You could set up another tent, veg in one under the LEDs, flower in the other under HID.

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at 280 actual watts the King 2000w will cover 5 square feet,
in a 4x4 tent (1.2x1.2) the one will veg just fine, but u will need 3-4 of those lights for flower.!

there r better lighting options, like your 600w HPS, COB led, QB led…
maybe use the King for veg, then add the 600 HPS for flower…???

have u already purchased that King LED light.?


Thanks for the info, yes I purchased the king led but it hasn’t been delivered yet, I already have the 600w light.

Do you mean at flowering stage add the 600w to run along side the led or swap them over?

Or could I use the 600w through veg and flower stage? And return the led once it arrives?

I think @SlowOldGuy is suggesting to add the LEDs once you’re flowering, and run both for the best results. Could be interesting rotating plants or lights to make sure everyone gets even lighting though. Not a huge deal, though.

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assuming that u want to fill the tent with light/plants i would run the Blurple for veg and add the HPS along side of it during flower,

yes u could go seed to harvest with the 600w, especially if it was switchable, MH to HPS, which most r now a days,

with Blurple LED and HID u need 50-60 watts per square foot in flower,
the 600 will cover 10-12 sq ft of your 16 sq ft tent, 3’x3’ or 3’x4’ area (90x90 or 90x120 cm)
600w + 280w = 880w, this would be minimum to fill a 1.2x1.2 tent, u can go up to 1000w and still be efficient.!

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Thanks for the information, as the grow matures I’ll let you know how it’s going

Thanks again


One scrogged is ideal for that.
You can push limits to two plants @most.
What are you talkin about, that one do well in flowering too if U have 1 plant under it.
I get under my 600w viparspectra what have 275w real and get one plant under it - 7oz each.
That one is stronger.