Pics, is this enough light?

New grower first grow too…I have 2 900watt led (real watts from wall 200 each, 400 or so total) do I need more for this grow? 2 autos and 3 regular fems going in this tent (3x3x6 ft tent) . can I do this or should I buy another one of these leds…or maybe a 400hps to add or will I do fine with what I have?
thank you guys

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I think you’ll be alright with what you have. 400 watts puts you around 44 watts per square foot, which is reasonable for that type of lighting. Also, the two panels will likely have a better overall footprint of light than a single 400 watt HPS. You may need more headroom on the HPS, too.

Things might get cramped in there with 5 plants, but the lighting will be adequate.


Very good point. I wouldn’t veg them too long or you’ll have a jungle.

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This is unrelated to your question, but it appears you are growing in 5 gallon pails from Lowes. If you haven’t put any drain holes in them, you might run into issues later (dry soil on top, saturated soil on the bottom) when you start watering them heavily. This tends to lead to overwatering because people see the dry soil on top.
While they are still movable, you might consider drilling some holes in those pails and putting a drain pan underneath them.

Unless you have drain holes already and I just can’t see them, in which case ignore me.

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To anyone seeking light vs. coverage, the manufacturer usually has the Sq. footage and other specs on their lights and reflectors, a little math and commonsense like plant amount and plant size will go a long way to answering how much is enough light. I literally use a tape measure to calculate Sq. footage and distance from light source. It works out flawless every time.


it has 6 1/4" drain holes around bottom of them and 6-7 on the sidesfor airflow


You should be good. The 400w hps would help in flowering but that’s about it. It will be crammed in there 2 plants take up my 4x2

this is an auto u want about a 2ftx2ft area for them to flower in

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yea more I read more I think its too many for 3x3x6ft tent…maybe I can get rid of the dwc auto and take one outside…or thinking to prune and lollipop them to keep space

Another tent?