Light cycle reverse switch

I am wondering how I would best succeed at changing the 12/12 light/dark cycle to reverse the light period to dark period and the dark period to the light period. Would one just run a 24 hour dark and pick up from there back to 12/12?

That’s what i would do I can’t see it being too bad for the plant doing that once.

I agree. Does not really matter how you get there; Just do it. I like the lights off for 24 hours better then lights on for 24. You should be OK.

Thanks for confirming the course of action. Reading Roberts temperature article made me realize this my be useful with the changing seasons her. Not sure when I will use it because at this being a novice grower I want access to the plants at all waking times.

Indoor then outdoor Harvest right around the corner.

Lol growing weed is more addictive than smoking it! I’ve been growing since my 18th birthday I used my b’day money to buy a 600w HPS light and a 2 pot recirculating system and painted my wardrobe flat white rigged it all up filled the pots with perlite planted some seeds set the timers and I’ve been hooked ever since even after 150+ plants and 10 years I still sit and look at my plants with a warm happy feeling inside and after harvest and you’ve cured it and you chop up that first bud and have a smoke you will have a smile from ear to ear that nothing will wipe off your face it’s a real feeling of satisfaction and happiness!!

Happy growing!! :smiley: