24 hour light during marijuana flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

Hypothetically speaking, can plants be saved If they were in a 2o/4 cycle for a week ( at full flowering stage ) and then accidentally back to 24 hrs. of light for a week ? What next ?

Place them back in 12/12 and pray!

How did you "accidentally re-veg your plants, then lengthen the photo period even further.? Does not make sense; Even hypothetically.

All u did was put the plant back into veg mode. I would just slowly put the plants back into 12/12

Noyhing should be done slowly. Put them right back into 12/12. FFre:

I sent my plants at week 4 of flower back into veg by accidently hitting the switch on the timer to on. Couldn’t figure out what was up with these crazy plants. Now that I have figured it out, and I am out of room. Doing 24 of dark then starting a 13/11 cycle , to see if it will put them back on the fast track. First grow ever. I need all the help that I can get. What happens now ?