Can I revert to 16/8 after one day of 12/12

I have 13min to make a decision. Last night I changes the light cycle from 16/8 to 12/12. can I switch the cycle back to veg without any bad effects on the plants?

Yep, they won’t know the difference from just 1 day


Thank you!!

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Why the switch back?

I posted here to try and get a quick response .link above

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Try to keep with 1 thread. Sometimes we wake and bake and can’t remember s#@$. I hope you switched back to 16/8. Makes no dif for just a day or 2. Have fun, grow big.

My power went out for 14 hours one time did not affect anything

I know. Wont happen again. I was too stoned and counting the min till the lights went out. Thanks everyone