Light burn or ph fluctuations?

is there anyone that can help diagnose what is going on with my plant im freaking out its flowering and in all the bud sites only the bud sites its got what looks like some sort of deficiency ive attached pictures

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How close and how powerful are those lights.

Looks more like a burn off some sorts than a deficiency.


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ive got a qb 240 and a qb 135 in a 39 x 39 x 78 tent the lights are about 30 inchs away from the tops


I agree, kinda looks like there was some nute burn or whatever and then lights bleached them out. But that’s not really common at 30". Were lights prior?

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about 18 inchs

from the tops

it just seems to be be affecting the leaves only around the bud sites

what are your feeding cycles like do you use nutes everytime you water or do you use ph’ed water one time then the next time use nutes? im interested on others feeding techniques.

Dont know if he linked you in @dbrn32

That stuff is going to vary based on the medium you’re using, nutrients, your mixing concentration, plant stage, and environmentals. There’s not one single correct way to feed, but plenty of ways to screw it up.

Have you been checking ph and ppm in and out?

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@dbrn32 yea my ph is at a 6.2 and i follow the instructions on the fox farm feeding labels to a t should i be watering till its leaking out the bottom

i dont have a ppm meter ill buy one tonight

The fox farm feeding schedule is pretty aggressive. Willing to bet you just got a little rich with your feed. Have you been running the recommended flush cycles too?

If you’re feeding at high ppm that will probably justify a plain ph’d watering between feedings a lot of times. And yes, you should water/feed til runoff on mature plants in most cases.


Like @dbrn32 said; FF is a little aggressive on it’s feeding schedule. The other thought I had was wind burn if you have a lot of airflow over the top of the plant. I would suspect nute burn though too.

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ok thanks guys i dont have alot of airflow over the tops of the plants i have an 8 inch fan pointed pretty much straight up on high so the plants each get a little air flow there’s definitely not enough air flow to cause wind burn like that. the one thing i haven’t been doing is the flush cycles with the nutes i did not realize that i will start doing that today ill flush with just ph’ed water or do you think i should get the fox farms sledge hammer for flushing?