Diagnostic Help, Please

Does this look familiar to any of my fellow growers? I’ve looked at leaf charts and I don’t know what to make of it. It is progressive and is appearing on the more mature leaves on the plant.

• GSC; 2 weeks into flowering
• Method: FFHF soil
• Vessels: 5 gal pickle buckets with drainage
• PH of runoff: 6.0
• PPM: 1,200
• Indoor or Outdoor
• HLG Rspec 288 V2
• Temps; Day 80, Night 74
• Humidity; Day 50, Night 60
• Ventilation system; 8" AC Infinity out, 10" desk fan blowing air in through a 12" tent port. Tent is a 5x5.
• AC, Humidifier,
• Co2; No

Are you using flowering nutes? Possible potassium def.

Yes. I gave them their first dose of flowering nutes 6 days ago. Using the Fox Farms products.

I just noticed your 1200ppm feed. That is pretty high for the stage your plant is in (especially if you transplanted into new soil). Could be the beginning of nute burn. I do not use FF nutes though so maybe someone who does can chime in soon with more info.

The soil had been depleted down to 600 PPM from a recent flush, so I added enough to get the runoff back up to 1,200.

I’m about to flush again to get the pH up to 6.4 to 6.6 so that P and K are more available. I had the understanding that 1,200 PPM wasn’t all bad when in flowering. Incorrect?

If this is the case, then I can run it back down some when I flush in a few days.

Hey buddy, I personally think the feed chart for FF is too high but like I said I have never used their nutes. I use FF soils and for nutes have used General Organics, Mega Crop and a couple others and have not really gone much over 900-1000 tops. It really comes down to giving the plant what she needs when she needs it and feed charts are just a starting point that is usually too high to begin with. It is normally accepted to start nutes at 1/4 to 1/2 what is rec. on feed chart and watch you girl, she’ll tell you if she wants more or less. Good luck and know the good people here will get you straightened out!

Pics of The Whole plant?

PH 6.0 is too low for soil.

Are you using ff nutes too?

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I’m really stumped now. I just ran some water through to get runoff and pH tested 6.7 to 6.9 and PPMs were 940 and 980, so it appears to be fine.

Pics were taken 2 days ago.

That’s a bit on the higher side.

Do a slurry test with the soil. It’s more accurate than runoff.
Take 2 tbs soil from around the root area, mix well with 3-4oz distilled/RO water. Let sit 20 min. Then test pH.

Thanks. I will do that.

Update? Kinda torn on that pic. Does look like slight nute burn… but :man_shrugging:t5:

I’ve flushed to get pH and PPM squared away. I don’t expect I’ll know much soon and am tracking new growth, which seems to have been fine overnight.

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Duh Purp u pothead. Only been a day :joy:

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