Light burn from my led?

I believe its light burn? I was using a 600 watt LED and i couldnt bring it any higher then it was so I switched to my previous 300 watt LED.

I use liquid seaweed 0-0-1/ fish sh!t /molasses so I dont think its nute burn?

Doubt it’s light burn looks more like K deficiency to me. I’d go slightly up on nutes next feeding or make a tea if using dry organics. No big deal I see this most grows as I prefer my plants a little hungry vs overfed

Would CALMAG plus take care of this?

Actually, I wonder if I let my nute water sit to long and the pH got way to high? Plant was was fine about 4 days ago when I last watered before I noticed the discolor today. I just watered today bc if dry soil with plain pH 6.6 balanced water

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That’s nutrient burn. Minor. What soil? FFOF? Nothing wrong but keep an eye on it.

Slight nute burn nothing to be worried about just keep a eye on it !

I have that same dehumidifier aswell …works great !


FFOF? Sorry, huge noob - internet keeps saying it’s some fox farm soil

I use this for seeds

Then transplant to

I’m glad it’s not a light burn though!

@Ncgreenthumber hell yeah that little thing works magic!


I would guess it’s just a hot soil. Good stuff! You’ll be fine.