Frustrating seedlings help?

No idea anymore nutrient burn light burn over watering witch is it ?

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Looks completely normal just keep doing what your doing it will pull through


Ok I’ve seen better with myself but I believe it was light burn from led forgot to raise em up until 5 min ago lol

After I did the light from 23 inches up to 35 inches not realizing the distance . And put 75 ppm and noticed no watering for last two days and lots of roots at the tip of the pot so new growth is getting a smoother green now and looking better much promising . My conclusion =. Too much light and nutrients . Soaked em good today and now look happier I believe it was the light distance !

It’s not light burn maybe a small touch of nute burn tho, but when they’re that small I wouldn’t worry


Still alive. Good enough for now. It is pushing roots more than foliage right now. Looks good.


*thanks peeps . after move of light they seemed less stressed and now can noticably see how dark they were for too much food . i know that 0 ppm water eventually causes them to have issues i always run r/o water with a range of 50-100 ppm to their liking but forgot to only feed as they lighten up in color lol . plain water every other day then one feed a week until they bigger /lighter in color *

Seaweed extract only not to much nitrogen yet , 4 more set of fan leaves and you can feed it whatever !

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okay awesome thanks for the feedback’s guys i really appreciate it . i used to do slight rock wool then into dirt . if seed then only dirt at first just not used to hydro . puss only did water top by hand without water in system below and still had air stones on . got my new system in today will be setting up in an hour no leaks finally . roots are at base bottom of edge net-pot sop they should take off when i add the system with water tonight

Have no fear growmie, the truth is hear I went through this problem before. Your ph is slightly high that yellowing is the plant having a phosphorus deficiency get your ph to 5.8 no higher then 5.9 so the plant can take up phosphorus in coco 6.5 to 6.8 in soil. Growers luv!!

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i need another ph meter for realz this shake the bottle yellow orange shit is killin me

3 for a $100 , always keep an extra one for a spare one , shit happens right , if you stay ready , you don’t have to get ready !
I get about 5 full runs before battery change , never had a lost calibration issue yet , pretty good value cost !
Plus you don’t have to keep it wet or solution on it ,

Don’t worry. If you’re doing DWC they will explode in the next few weeks.

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That’s awesome . Not being rude I personally like blue lab . I have been told they should take off soon got new system up no leaks no top feed ph seems to be under 6. Added hydro guard ppm is 25 or less for now until I see some growth


Hows this for my update this one is lighter in color but still new growth with white tips = leading to tip burn again no idea why light is 22 % and 35 inch away Temp 78 on 71 off
Rh is 40-60. And ppm is very low just plane water with ph around 5.8

Others look perfect green but still similar white tips on new growth ?

Still curious on the tip burn but other plants aren’t showing this

Hey this post is really old now but a couple of my seedlings look a lil like yours right now so i was wondering how yours turned out