Seeding not looking so good today,

Looked great yesterday. Growing in Aero Garden. Can u tell me what’s wrong? I thought maybe too hot, or nute burn so I emptied the nutrient water & just put overnight (left water open to allow chlorine to escape x3 days like for aquarium) water back in. IMG_5228|533x500


I think @Donaldj grows in aero, it doesn’t look bad to me but see what the pro has to say. Good luck.

I am no expert as you know but I would say that seedling is too young to be in nutrients.


@BudBuddy you are correct

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Both of you @Wishingilivedina420state are right it is still a seedling ppm would be very low if nutrients were added would be products like Rapid start Liquid Karma and at super low dose. @PHamm I would say you should cut nutes for week and see how they respond or keep it no higher than 250 ppm being in starter pods they have most of what they need also check your tap water ppm. Chlorine is not the only thing in tap water that can give us growers grief iron sodium zinc calcium just to name a few :slight_smile: also I see no mention of ph which is an important factor in nutrient uptake.

Mostly the burnt tips scream nute burn so tone back on nutrients take your time they may be called weed but they can be fussy :wink:


And that’s why @Donaldj is a pro, talk about paying attention to detail.

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I also noticed the tip burns but that could be other things and I don’t want to steer anybody wrong. I deprived my plant of light while my previous grow was hanging in the tent drying and the whole top of the plant died (had same look as this seedling) so I cut the top and now I have what looks like a 6" bush. I may just have to pull it and replant a new seed.

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I gotta stop looking at pics on my phone, you guys got eagle eyes

Thank you @Donaldj DonaldJ that exactly what I did. I think she’s in shock now. Haven’t had time to ph& don’t have a ppm meter. My AC went out the next day. That’s what I get for bragging I guess. I turned her lights off for a day just to let her rest; especially since it got 90 degrees in my house in the day time.

I’m really concerned about my little girl. The two shriveled leaves were so bad I pinched them back. I also moved my whole aero garden into my bedroom w me because it’s actually about 73 degrees whereas the rest of the house is getting into the 90’s awaiting AC replacement. I also changed the water & put distilled with 1/2 of the nutrients called for on the bottle. I’m just guessing since I don’t have a way to test. During the change one seed fell out & hasn’t grown a bit. The one that has grown looks like it’s trying to start a new growth from its bend in the coco. I wish I could find coco cheaper than $45 a bag. I may go with straight perlite IF I get to transplant these girls.