Nitrogen Deficiency or Nute Burn or Something Else, Please Help!

Hi everybody, I was just doing the last round on my girls to check b4 lights go off and I noticed this:

I am thinking early signs of Nitrogen deficiency but this is my first grow and I am not sure. I am doing Aeroponics with a recirculating system and for nutes I am using the full FloraSeries and following this schedule:

PH varies during the day I adjust it every night and take it down to 5.8~5.9 and after work I check PH usually 6.2~6.4.
Plants are 18 days old (since they came out of the seed)
PPM 1176.
Temp 76~78F lights on, 68~69F lights off.
Feeding schedule 3s every 15m.

Also to add I ran the numbers based on the bottle information and the feeding chart, the next picture shows the amount of ml of each nutrient per gallon. Right now I am doing week 3.

Any help will be deeply appreciated.

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Not sure what you’re looking at because they look good to me. I would be a little leery about ppm’s being so high but they look good so IMO, just keep doing what your doing. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

I hope you are right, maybe I am too paranoiac right now, the burned tips on the new leaves and those kind of yellowish spots is what troubles me.

Yellow tips will probably be nute burn which to me that seems kinda high for that stage. I would see if @Covertgrower or @PurpNGold74 can help you out here any.


Just hint of nutrient burn. It’ll grow.


Crisis averted. Tad N burn. Good call fellas. Try next watering with pure properly pH’d water to dilute the ppms.


Thank you for your answers, I went and did a small flush of the coco, lower the ppm to around 1000 and decrease the watering time to 3s every 30mins and in this couple of hours they are looking better.

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As an update today they grow a ton, i guess they wanted the flush really bad :smiley: