Leaves turning yellow auto flower

Help nor sure whats going on have a gold leaf rhat is doing fine. Whats wrong with this white widow. ?

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    I cant figure out how to attaxh pic all i get is url. Sorry

A lot of folks can’t upload pictures due to a site update. It may be a few more days.

Leave them they aren’t gonna hurt anything if they are bad they will fall off only time I remove leaves is during flowering to allow for light saturation

Ty but I just trimmed off the yellow only 5 or 6 leaves hopefully no shock. They got extra water. We are 32 days from germination on this one.

My leaves have started to go crispy on the top? Does anyone know what’s going on?

What’s your temps and rh? Is that one much closer to the light?

Temps around 24-27 degrees Celsius, we’ve moved the light as far away as we can around 10 inches away The rh is 39

I’d say light is too close and burning your girl

I can’t move it any further away :pensive: I don’t know what to do

I’m not sure either bro
Only thing I can say is prepare ahead your next grow with lots of lay and topping. Is this an auto or photo?

It’s an auto, is it going to kill it?

I would assume it’s going to finish much faster and not reach its potential. At some point early, I would probably cut the main cola off allowing the rest to finish.

Also, welcome! Just an FYI but you should start a new thread with your post about this. Kinda hijacked this guys thread :wink:

When you do, feel free to tag me with an @ symbol and then my handle. When you do start that thread pics in normal lighting of the whole plant would help too.


Pics of your tent setup and lights might be useful too.

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Newbe mistake TV. Should I top this soon ?
I have a gold leave in the lead.

I have tried to send pics it throws out an URL address

I’m having issues with mine yellow bud sites