Please help! buds turning yellow

I cave these guys a last feed before i start giving only water and the next day or 2 yellowing in the top bud site started to appear. Does anybody knows what that is? Only this plant has this symptom.
PS: Also for the last few days should i give 6,5ph water or straight from the tap?
Thanks guys!

. Its the smallest of the 3 in my tent and was the healthiest throughout the grow, no problems at all with that one

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Nothing to worry about. The plant is done growing foliage and instead is now focused on ripening flower.

Always pH your water.


Thank you bossman, also, I know its harvest month but, how many weeks more you think i should keep it in here? Its entering weed 12 now since germ.

Lol, week. Habits

Weeks since germination is irrelevant. Time in flowering is what matters, and most plants will be ripe 8 to 10 weeks from the start of flower. On what date did pistils first appear at the tips of the plant? Add 10 weeks to that date and you’ll have a decent estimate.

You have several weeks to go. Start looking at trichomes when the white pistils turn brown and recede back into the flower.


What he said.


Yepper :arrow_up:

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That’s a good looking run!! Good job man!


Thanks, first grow, 2x2 3 plants. A bit overkill but took the challenge