Autoflower Time To Harvest?

I started noticing flowering around beginning/mid January. I thought by now that this plant should be ready for harvest, but the hairs are still pointing out and not curling. The trichomes do seem to be turning amber so I don’t know if I should cut them now or keep waiting for the hairs to curl inside more.


Ohh yea they’re done, you may wanna rethink you’re nute plan if they’re that canabilized by end time though


Crazy thing is when I started noticing the yellowing of the leaves I just gave the plant plain water, but I guess I was too late. Thank you for the help!

She looks ready to me, depending on what you are looking for from your smoke. If you have white pistils at this point it is probably a bit of foxtailing. A lot of cannabis plants will continue to develop new calyxes as flower is maturing, particularly if you are giving her a lot of light.


Agree with above depending on what you are looking for, but I think definitely in the harvest window. Congrats on your grow she looks good to me :+1:


looks awesome not going to lie


What does “cough-lock high” mean? lol. Couch, maybe?

Yeah. I guess I misspelled it.

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Thank you everyone for the help! I cut them down last night and hung them up to dry