Harvest Time or wait longer! Check out the Trichomes

I’m seeing somewhat cloudy Trichomes but many pistols have not turned red, should I wait a few weeks or harvest now, head high is okay, but a couch lock high is fine too :sunglasses:

Definitely wait at least a few weeks. The white pistils are telling you she’s still putting on weight


Hey I appreciate the information, I sure don’t want to rush things

Not at this point. She’s come this far. The trichs you want to look at are on the bud itself. Not the fan leaves or sugar leaves. Those will ripen much sooner than the trichs on the bud material. You shouldn’t need to do that until most of those pistils have turned brown and receded.


Okay I was looking mostly at the sugar leaves, I have a good field of Trichomes, I believe I’m going to have some really good weed, the key is patience, I really appreciate the help with this

Looking at the Trichomes is a little bit challenging, I don’t have a jeweler’s loupe yet, I’m using a phone apt, I know the THC is building up, these Girls are on the final countdown they been growing since April

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I take it this is an auto?

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Yes it is ILGM outdoor mix, skunk, haze and OG Kush

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That’s what I don’t like about autos. They follow their own timeline. All mine have gone just as long or longer than my photos.


I know, I always planted regular feminized, the shorter day’s spawned flowers, my first time with auto, really good seeds and I’m pretty sure the weeds will be, but I think I’ll do regular next grow

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Wait til she’s rally ready. I want to sit on the couch.

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Longer for sure! That bud still has white calyx’s! When the buds slow down production of white hairs and most are shriveled up and red or brown, its almost time. Thats when the loupe or magnifying glass pops into the equation. Forget about the sugar leaves, snip off a smal chunk of dope and takenit into your house. Under a bright light examine the bud material. Real close and friendly like.


Ha Ha! Me too Couch Lock is cool with me

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Thanks Brother, I’m getting a bit excited for sure! I’m always learning something new on here, How are your plants doing, last time I seen them they were reaching for the moon


I’ve heard people say you can never trust what they say with autos days till flower. I was gifted a blimburn northern auto. I’ll probably grow it early next spring. I wonder how long it will take.

You can’t. Mine have been consistent, at least. All have gone 16 weeks, veg to harvest so about 18 weeks sprout to harvest

That would be my guess hopefully no longer than 4 -5 months.

Have to bend em over again! Seems 12 feet is nowhere near what these need! Those are side branches, the main stem is bent over to the door and growing upwards.


That’s Amazing, and full of Buds, I need to get some types of compact plants, I Damn sure don’t want a chopper detecting my crop, unfortunately I’m in a illegal state

Amnesia Haze, I would say there 12 feet or better