Leaves drooped overnight

I have 3 plants growing all have been doing awesome until last night. This morning 2 of the 3 plants now have droopy leaves. They are all on the same schedule,same soil, everything is the same…what’s wrong?

Is it time for a watering? Alot of the time your leaves will droop when she’s thirsty but a cpl hrs after watering they perk up. They also can droop a little during their dark period

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They are all on the same watering schedule, I wait until the soil is dry 1" or 2" down then water them. They all got water last night. I also have them scheduled for dark time all at the same time, they have been under light now for 5 hours,soil is damp and no changeon the 2 sad plants

Sounds like someone forgot to water…lol

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Can you take a picture and post it under normal light please


Id like to see a picture as well
But sounds like under watering
Some plants will dink more than others even of the same strain I personally do a daily check on my pots
Happy growing :v:CB