Leaves are discolored and purple

My plant has purple looking leaves. It’s over 3 months growing. Didn’t really grow right cause the plant just kept stretching. I don’t know if I can pick the bud yet.

What is it growing in?. What strain? Nutes? Lights? Humidity? Temp? Light cycle? Need more info

I use the soil from pot for pot, coco coir. The light is a 32 watt. Humidity is usually about 50-60% and temp is around 70. It’s a white widow. I keep the light on about 10-12 hrs.

Your joint is ready… :man_facepalming::man_shrugging::grin::wink::green_heart:
Please download the free grow Bible… :+1:
Definitely not enough light…
But I’m sure that there are other issues…
Please tag us on your next grow…
We want alot of those for you…
Much , much more…
Buds , that is…


Man top of the buds looks super frosty tho lol. Yes more info and a rundown would be great to know ec
Ven before next grow this way of there are chamhes to be made theu can be made before the strt not in the moddle of a grow. Nice looking top tho

Yea you def need way more light. Did you cut off branches. Why is it just 1 straight stem ?

Can u get a side pic?

Thanks guys. No some leaves did form but since it kept stretching towards the light it fell off. When I started growing I was using the sun and weeks later I got a grow light. It didn’t produce as much as I hoped but I’ll take it. I thought to grow outside when it gets warmer. It’s not legal here yet but I have a tree to hide it.

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It didn’t die so thats a win in my book. Take it dry it and smoke it and start another one. Do up up some research and you’ll be rockin