Discolored flowers! PLESE HELP!

Hey Everyone
I am a beginner grower and really want to learn. I have a grow right now and the leaves are turning yellow and don’t look very healthy. Hoping someone can let me know what is happening and if there is anything i can do to help it. I have the humidity around 39 and the temp 23-25 Celsius and have been checking ph levels on all my watering. I will attach something pics sorry for the purple light.

please help
Thanks in advance.

Regrettably the pict dont help. Need natural or flash light to see true color!

Potassium deficiency and probably phosphorus as well. Normal lighting would help.


I will try get some better pics with a flash. Thanks for the response. Speak soon

I have about 3 weeks left of flower anything you think I should do or is it to far in flower.

You can add those nutrients, but the leaves that are damaged won’t recover. I don’t know how much longer into flowering you need to go. Have you examined the trichomes to see if you have milky or white?
You might be on the flush end of things if you’re towards the end. If that’s the case I wouldn’t worry about the deficiencies as much.