Leaf problem... please help identify and solve

Hi guys,

Can someone please help identify the issue and help if possible find a solution…

What i think i see is too many nutes. I see very purple stalks unless thats your led setup, but almost positive i see purple stems. What is your nutrient regimin? And what is your ph at? If you can tell me that i can help you way better. Also any other pics you have.

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Hi mate,

Thanks for the reply. I dont have a particular set schedule. I try to water 2 times then on the 3rd add nutes… my pH is at 6.5. Im away from ‘the office’ at the mometn and will send a pic of nutes im using and dosages… @THSee

Here is the lady though

Nice plants bro, and yeah for sure. Just hit me up and i can help where I can. You arevat a good place for quality help.

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Purple stems and the yellowing I’m seeing Tell’s me that u might b over watering… Need to know what your feeding and how much cause they might need more nutrition… But honestly it looks like over watering to me…


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start here

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Nutrient burns usually start at tips of leaves calcium maybe? but most likely ph related you need to test your run off ph and soil ph just because you water with 6.5 ph doesn’t mean that’s what the plant is living in :wink:

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the input…
Looking better today

I am using:

2ml of root complex to 1 litre
1ml of power zhyme to 1 litre
1-2 drops of SuperVit per litre

I add nutes on every 3rd watering

I obviously want to get the plants where they need to be before moving to 12/12, where i will be using…

@THSee @peachfuzz @Donaldj

I would feed every other, I feed veg plants every water

Yes, looks like she caught up with the food and water and looking rich and lush. You dont really want to turn the nutes up closer to full strength until shes fruiting heavier, but a nice gradual regimin will help.
As far as ph goes i heard somebody else say check tour runoff, so if you wait until your soil is good and dry but not too dry, slowly pour your water in until it starts seeping out of the bottom. Collect enough runoff to test and see if its registering. Some components in some soils can knock your ph out of whack until it finaly flushes away a bit.
Personally I think this is where folks who make their own soil mixtures forget that their are a lot of nutes in the soil from the rip, and with a younger, smaller rooted plant its is suffiecient for the first couple to few weeks depending on pot size, plant size, and strain but for the most part its soil blend and pot size. So early on focus more on keeping the correct light and check ph until the soil is stable at whatever ph you want to run. Do that and you cant go wrong.
What I do is give mostly a light kelp blend during 2nd and 3rd week of veg then slowly incorporate my other nutes in, as time goes on. Sorry for the long post but if you can get the best out of her ill help anyway i can.

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over feeding is likely causing a build up in your soil which has thrown your ph at roots way out and also lead to some nute burn and lock out

After looking closely at the effected leaves… it seems that it was a slight magnesium inbalance.
I added this nute to some pH water and it seems to have taken very well to the feed…

Thanks all for the helpful input…
Will keep you updated
@THSee you’re a true legend!!

Lol…nah man, just a researching fool…haha! Thats a beauty you have there bub, just keep watching that plant, and learn the signs brother, but we are all here to help. FYI I ordered the buy 5 get 5 free white widow autos from Bergman and I cant wait til I get them. Ill post when I do.

Update on how the girls are doing. Thought you might like to see :slight_smile: