Leaf spots… what is this?

What do we think this is? It’s not a bug… seems flat to the leaf. I’d say brownish in color. I’ve never seen brown spots so clumped together though. What do you guys think it is? And what should I do? I’m growing outdoors if that helps.

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I can’t imagine it’s not bugs or bug poop that is causing it. Capt Jacks Deadbug should help.


How’s the underside look?

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Definitely bug, I forgot which kind but it is a common bug problem.

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The same.

I can’t find anything about it. I don’t think it’s a bug

After some thought I think it is a Leaf hopper

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Leaf hoppers that leave bleached dots, and leaf miners that leave meandering trails in the leaves are the two most prevalent bug problems I encounter in michigan.

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Still not going away despite me treating it with several sprays over the past month…

It keeps popping up in new growth … old growth…. Some times is only a few spots… other times it’s clumped together. I took new pics and am desperate to find a solution.

Any guesses? Im ruling out insects. Haven’t seen 1 on the plant and have sprayed for them non stop.

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What have you sprayed it with to help fight? Im thinking bugs, but im also thinking of yellow leaf spot. If they start as a dot and just grow until they have killed the leaf? If this sounds like whats happening than you might try garden friendly fungicide southern ag. I had yellow leaf spot and it worked good. My plants where in full flower at the time. I also used some aloe flakes from build a soil on those inffected plants. Both as foliar spray. I also used friendly fungicide for bud rot.