Is this fungus or bug related?

New grower looking for help please. My plants spend the day outside and the nights in a small greenhouse. They will go in the ground next week.
These spots showed up today on only one of the plants.

.Am I dealing with a fungus or bug issue.? Thank you.
It’s a super lemon haze plant.

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You are the second person in 2 days to report the very same looking issue. We haven’t figured out the other yet.

If mold, then a dilite mix of peroxide spray will kill it. If bugs, then Capt Jacks Deadbug will treat it.


Using a loupe to inspect the undersides of the leaves may reveal the culprits. It could be many things but some sort of leaf suckers are high on the list.


Both threads show little black spots, bugs?


Definitely bugs.

Far right leaf in the above pic.
Thinking the white spots are the bugs.



Those little suckers can cause a lot of problems. Spray with Captain Jack’s just before dark. Be certain to get both the tops and bottoms of ALL leaves. :man_mage: :nerd_face:


Have seen a few in Michigan. Sprayed Flying Skull Nuke and captain jacks. Bugs are a pain. We separated the ones we sprayed and kept them away from the others. Made a makeshift greenhouse out of painters plastic and poles while we worked on them.


Those white spots are water drops.

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Thank you

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I think you are spot on, no pun intended :slight_smile: Just sprayed them with Neem oil and moved them away from the other plants