Leaf problems since started fertilizing

1.Outdoor 2. Tap water from hose
3. bag seed type unknown 4. Regular - has buds so female
5. -Age of plant. flowering - lots of baby buds
6. Method: Soil - miracle grow 7. Vessels: 5 gal Pot with saucer good drainage
8. PH and TDS/EC - ph +7.0 don’t know what TDS/EC means
9. PH and TDS/EC of if mixed solution. don’t know
10. Provided lighting: sunshine
11. Temperayitr; variable; most days in 80s or 90s and nights usually in 70s right now (August) 12. Humidity; variable but usually high - SE virginia
13. Ventilation system; none but frequently catches breeze
14. AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,: no. 15. C02: no 16. Hydro: no
Only problem was yellow leaves that would evenutually fall off, but not too numerous, until last week. Started new routine of 2 gals water per day while flowering and 4 Tb Fox Farm Big Bloom & 1 TB Tiger Bloom in every other watering. Skipped 2 days due to heavy rain. Since started have lost all leaves at the bottom of plant and have developed major leaf issues of very dark dead patches and edges on quite a few leaves. I would post pic but don’t see where to upload. Looked at troubleshooting on website and FAQs, but didn’t find helpful.
Leaf photos

Dude…that ph is too high even for an outdoor plant like that…secondly if you really meant 5Tablespoons of nutes I’d almost bet that’s the issue…fox farm dosages are in teaspoons I really hope this is what you meant…because even measuring teaspoons out with this stuff can still be too strong and it WILL crater your roots/ entire plant

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Yes, I meant it. I’m following label directions & advice of a friend.

The tiger one’s label says use 2-3 tsp per gal, so I usually give it a little under a TB.

The Big Bloom contains worm castings and bat guano and definitely says 4 TB per gallon of water every other watering. For heavy feeding it says use a half cup per gallon once per week. Its NPK is 0-.5-.7 The label says its gentle. Does that make you feel better or do you still feel that is the problem?

The leaves today are starting to curl on the edges. I intend to try the troubleshooting tools again and see if I can figure this out. We’re expecting heat indices of 105-110 today.

Could the timing of watering cause problems? I’ve heard you should water early in the day, but often don’t get to it until noonish or even early afternoon.

Thank you for your help. I’m afraid I’m going to lose the plant & it has so many nice little buds on it! Could it need partial shade when it’s over 90F?


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I focused on the fertilizer part and just re-read your EM & see you also think that pH 7 water is too high. I’ll try putting a shot of vinegar into it to bring it down a bit. FYI It’s been doing fine on hose water (except for some yellow leaves) until I added the fertilizer to the routine. I guess I’ll stop using the fertilizer for a while & see if everything improves with the vinegar water before I try it again.

Appreciate any advice you can send my way. I grew a few plants once upon a time and just stuck them in a corn field and everything went fine without any attention. Didn’t realize there was this much to it.


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Why are you not using Grow Big? From what I can see of the plant (picture of whole plant would be nice) it’s starving for nitrogen, from the lack of Grow Big.


Your ph is extremely important. Once you add nutes to the water, the ph changes. I would invest in a pH meter and after you add nutes to your water, correct the ph going in then check the run offs also.
And like hellraiser said. Add some grow big for her nitrogen needs. Big bloom and tiger bloom do not have enough nitrogen in them to use alone.


When I used FF nutes it dropped my PH a point and a half. My tap water averages about 7 FF drops it below 6 to 5.5 to low causes lock out. Your gona need a PH meter before you feed again. Keep it about 6.3 to 6.7 and you should be ok. Also Cal Mag is most certainly a must it also lowers PH.

I use the FF trio. Tiger bloom doesn’t get used until flower. I also go by their schedule (more or less) and it does not coincide with the label. Plus I’m cheap so I usually use less unless I see a deficiency.