Slight Nute burn?

It’s about 1 month in to flowering. I am using Fox Farms- Grow Big and Tiger Bloom at 10ml per gal of water each. Too much nitrogen you think? The Grow Big is 6-4-4 and Tiger Bloom is 2-8-4.

I would discontinue the Grow Big. She doesn’t need much nitrogen at this point. Those dark green leaves and burned leaf tips are telling you she has too much nitrogen.



Kinda what I was thinking. I will flush them a bit and then use only the Tiger Bloom.

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I agree. The leaves are pretty dark green, and tips are burnt. Excessive N. It’s not really bad at this point.
Have you been following the fox farms flush schedule?

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Not been flushing at all but I guess I need to try to reset my balance. My runoff ph is 6ish so I’m good there.

Flushing isn’t just about pH. With fox farms it helps wash out the built up salts.

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@MidwestGuy is there a link to that chart. Cant read it but it looks like a great chart.

Sorry. @BetrayedSoul. I only have a copy of the .jpg file. I don’t remember where I got it. Probably here.


I agree with @MidwestGuy . Only bloom from here on out and you’ll be fine.

B Safe

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Thanx for all the great advice!! :grinning: