Nute Burn or Deficiency? Pics

Hello everyone. She is a GG Auto ILGM and I only watered her r.o. ph water with calmag a couple days ago. Today I see brown spots and burnt tips. She’s heavy into Flowering now. I am unsure if I should feed her next watering or just water. I feed with fox farm trio calmag and recharge. Appreciate your help


I feed at 1/4 to half strength

At what rate are you feeding the trio.
In other words how much water do you put in a container and then how much of each nutrient.

Example I put 4 to 4.5 gallons of water in 5 gallon bucket then add three shots of big bloom , 1.5 shots of tiger bloom and 3/4 shot of grow big also add a couple teaspoons of cal mag and a teaspoon of mycos.
This changes threw the grow depending on the plants.

Just so you know a shot is a shot glass. You know like for wiskey.

The brown spots look to be starting at the bottom. That combined with the fact they’re in full on flowering suggests a phosphorus deficiency. I don’t think you’d get nute burn at half strength. It could be the beginning of a potassium deficiency. If the tips turn brown and curl and you start to see discoloration on the sides of the leaves affected then that’s probably what it is. I add some more P and K to my nutes if I were you. A bloom booster would fit the bill or you can adjust the base nutes to add more P and K. I haven’t used FF nutes but if it’s like GH I’d up the bloom a bit.

Thank you everyone I fed her extra

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