Leaf issues on my 4th grow

Just over 3 weeks in on my 4th grow and the leaves on my Mimosa EVO photos from Barney’s Farm aren’t looking good

Temps during the day are 72-74
RH 35-40%
FFOF mixed with Botanicare True Earth Organic
soil in 5 gallon fabric pots
18/6 light schedule using a so so cob light from Amazon
Last Watered 12 ounces over the weekend


Ph is?

Stick your finger into the soil… dry? Moist?

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Moist. Not sure of PH, just using tap water


So this looks like something going on in the root zone.
Ph way off or something else


Thanks. I’ll start checking the PH of my water


Ph balance is crucial. What kind of light and true wattage? Can you get temps and rh up?

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Looks to me like a ph problem and the soil mix might be too high in nitrogen for a plant that size. Fill out a support ticket to let us better help you

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True wattage is 250 on the current setting and light is 30” above plants. Using this junker

I have a Mimosa EVO going right now at 10 days up. I’m gonna keep a closer eye on her. She came of the her shell a little funny, like she had cut the ends of her first leaves off by herself.

I have 2 going, The one I 1st posted about has looked odd since day 1. I think things are getting worse now due to nute burn from the FFOF

The other has minor issues ( think nute burn as well), she’s below.

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A lot of mine have started like that in FFOF. It’s just too hot for my liking. I uses Roots Organics 707 now. It’s loaded to like 500ppm, so I have to start feeding about 2 weeks in, instead of 4ish like the FFOF. I’m in coco this grow…

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What size tent are you using?

I’m in a 3x3.5 closet

This is how she started. I got my dates wrong, she’s 9 days old. This is from her first day up…

What light are you using?

HLG 350r… I have an auto finishing with her, and also a 9 day old Koolaid Breath from @Graysin Farms, and I have a 3(?) Day old Border Jumper Auto from Sniper Seeds - @repins12


Looks like the helmet caused some issues. mine just had twisted variegated 1st set of leaves.

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Nice, I need to upgrade my lights. Debating on what to get

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HLG has a 15% off everything sale. Then code DUDE gets 10% extra

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Whats size is your space and whats your budget?