Had a set back wondering why leaves are growing like they are

  • Strain: Mimosa

  • Method: Miracle grow moisture control

  • Vessels: Solo cup with proper airflow

  • PH of Water:NA, Soil: 6.5, Runoff 6.7

  • Indoor

  • Light system: 600 watt Full Spectrum LED with Veg and Bloom

  • Temps; 73 to 79 degrees

  • Humidity; varies, it’s been hard to control, lowest 35% highest 80%

  • Ventilation system; , No

  • Humidifier

  • Co2; No

So one of the other big leaves fell off but these others are coming in and she is growing fast, why are they growing that way? Lack of a large leaf on the one side? She’s small for her age and has been through a lot, right now I am watering her an ounce or two when needed and spraying once a day, she’s 11 inches from the light and I have a toothpick in place until the stem is stronger. Any suggestions at this point ? I have bare minimum in supplies haven’t got my tent system yet, any ideas or is she looking ok?

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I’d get 'em out of the Miracle Grow.


I’d second that. :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:


And add some extra perlite for better drainage and possibly add some dolamite lime or garden lime to help stabilize ph cause those bark pieces break down acidic and can cause future ph issues


I agree with @MidwestGuy and @Oldguy…MG does some freaky stuff to pot


@MidwestGuy fox farm good for soil?

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Yes it is. I would go for Happy Frog. Your plant needs a break from the nutes and also needs a stable pH.


I third that

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@MidwestGuy so when I transfer her into a new solo cup just cut down the sides of this one and try to brush most of the dirt off? Won’t have it for a few days to a week yet

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I would avoid disturbing the roots as much as you can. I’d put it in something bigger than another solo cup at this point since you are transplanting anyway.

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@MidwestGuy what size container ya think?

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Depends on how big you’re want to grow your plant. Average is 5 gal pot. I personally use 3 gal cause i keep my plant smaller but i can pull a qp dried and trimmed in a 3 gal @Dell5001