Running into some trouble week 4 (GDP Photo)

Hi all, this is my first post here, so hopefully I am doing this right, and posting it in the right place!

I am currently growing Grand Daddy photo. I am on week 4. Everything seemed great until this morning. When I took a look at my 2 girls this morning, I noticed slight whitish yellow spots on some of the leaves, as well as curling tips on some of them as well.

Some info:

  • Using coco/perlite 70-30 mix
  • Using calmag and GH trio
  • adjusting the ph of the water to about 5.8
  • mars hydro 3x3 tent
  • mars hydro light about 14 inches away from top leaf
  • I have 2 fans running, one on bottom of tent, on clipped halfway
  • inline fan running all day on 2/10
  • I keep the temp around 79 using small smart heater
  • humidity is around 40%

some things to note:

  1. the light cycle was 24 hours until about a week ago, where I adjusted it to 20/4 and today turned it to 18/6

  2. I didn’t start ph-ing the water until last week. I was using purified water and didn’t realize how import ph was. I have been for over a week now

  3. I water them about every other day or if they are slightly dry

  4. also, I am adding 1 tsp calmag, 1/2 tsp micro 1/2 grow and 1/4 tsp bloom per growweedeasy’s chart

Hmmm, Look at those spots on both sides of the leaf with a magnifying glass and tell us what you see

I think they look ok a little blemish like that’s not too bad
if your using advanced nutes micro gro bloom PH perfect I wouldn’t worry to much about the ph. I just finished a grow using it and I was running up to mid 7 sometime. As long as your below 8 And above 5.5. Sometimes you get a splash of nutes on the leaves wen watering. It don’t look serious how old are they agsin. I think 4 weeks of so. I would be hitting them a bit harder I have two Gdp and 4 Bruce banner now at 3 weeks and I’m 4ml nutes oer liter I think you’ll be fine.

What ratios are you using flora micro bloom for week 4?

I haven’t used them nutes yet. I just picked some up for my next dwc grow. I’m using the pH perfect micro gro bloom. I’m using 4ml per litre. And rite now I’m using 15 litres for 6 plants. So roughly 2littes and a bit per plant depending on how dry they are.

Plus. 2ml per litre of bud candy And carbo load. Aswell 7.5 ml of microbial mass. First dose :+1:

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Welcome to the community. Let your pictures load to 100% before you hit reply.

Srry. I’m far from knowing wat I’m doing with these fones lol.


What @Flitme was saying is give your pics more time to upload before you hit the button. Make sure it’s not spinning and says complete, as you hit send when you got through typing but your photos had not completely uploaded yet causing them to show up above as numbers instead of photos.



And here they are. 3 days into flower. After 4 week veg. Pretty pumped.

How many total grow days i.e. days above soil / cotyledon leaves? You must not count seedling stage as veg time

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I’m not counting seedling stage
From seed to wat you see was 2.5 weeks in a 2x2x4 I’m counting since transplant and introduction to bigger tent. Which has been just over 4.weeks now.

I was thinking four weeks wow I need some of those

I’m loving that they love wats happening
I think the game changer is I introduced microbial mass pro. At just .5 ml per L. I noticed a difference within 3 days. Amazing stuff. :seedling::four_leaf_clover::+1:

Here were are 12days into flower. I hope they can make it until the third week so I can trim the shit out of these ladies gitta make some room or does any body think I should fire one or two out to make room ?