Just want peoples ideas if I'm not doing it right

Hi thier guys just wondering if my babys are ok until not this Monday coming but the next one. I am new with this I started of with 10. 5 WwXNL and 5 bb what is your opinion

I am new with this 1st time ever

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What do you have them planted in (medium)? They look like they are stretching due to inadequate lighting. Ideally you will want one plant per container. I have recently switched to starting seeds in little mesh nursery bags that are inserted into another container, no transplanting. Are these being transferred outdoors or what’s the plan from here?

The 3 is in a medium tub the 4th one is in a ice cream tub and the other one is in a hydroponic setup from Bunnings and can’t do anything until next week the other half was the one who did that I was just gonna do 2 each because where I am at the neighbours are nosey. Gotta set up under my house somewhere where they won’t see it. I have moved the ice tub where that purple light Is

You need better lighting and a vivosun grow tent

Hi randy_marsh if you read my last comment I can’t have anything like that where am at because is not legal yet and my Neighbours already think thier is something sas about me already thats why I gotta do a set up somewhere under my house

AC Infinity (yes the maker of exhaust fans) now has a line of tents. Same price range and alot better quality than vivosun. BUT you don’t need a tent to grow. I used my spare closet. Also until you get the hang of what you are doing I’d suggest just 1 plant at a time. It can be really overwhelming when they hit that growth stage in flower and you don’t know what you are doing

I said grow tent because he has noisy neighbors, no light leaks and all that and he can at a carbon filter in flower , and I would advise 2 plants at a time if one fails you have a back up with out having to start from zero , good luck


Practice makes perfect. But with all kidding aside, I think 1 plant at a time would still be best until he can get past first transplant and some LST. Plus 1 plant is easier to hide than 2. And with only 1 plant the smell won’t be as noticeable and will have time to study and learn from the mistakes that were made. Not saying I’m some kind of expert, but I have been doing this off and on since 1971.

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It’s completely up to him , we all have our own methods, started with one plant I wish I had started with 2 , it’s just give you double the practice and the capability of messing up , but it’s up to him and still agre with 2 being a good idea , he would get double of everything you mentioned above , double the tries double the practice faster progress … I’m no expert either just my input

Thanks you guys yeah I will do that just hoping they will make it until next week because I’m looking for 70L each babys and just put a light in and block the rest of under the house where no one can see

Be careful with the temps at night and put that light as close as possible , what light? is it

What you mean by looking for 70l each plant? You do realize you won’t be able to leave them under your house? Insects, pest rodents not to mention you just won’t have the space under there. These things can get 3-6 feet tall easily. I know a few guys that grow out doors in a state that its legal in. 15 trees over 10 feet tall!

70 L pots

Guss ill be putting some where else thank you

Wow…if my math is right thats like 18 gallons? Those alone wouldn’t fit under a house. Let me back up a step. Are these autoflower plants?

No its feminized. I’m just gonna moving them them out ino bush lands before they get to big to notice.