First time grow pre grow journal

Hey there first time grower I’ve been researching for the last several months on growing indoors and I’ve decided finally on my equipment I’m getting a 48×48×80 grow tent with a 800w led light a 6in duct fan combo and I’ll be trying to grow 3 sour Kush autoflower and 3 gorilla glue autoflower in 5 gal fabric pots but I’ll start them in Solo cups I will also be using Fox farm ocean forest and was hoping to only have to use bloom nutes but I will post more when I get everything I was just wanting to share my grow journey and see if anyone wants to help me along the way


I will come along for the ride! Good Luck


hey @Peterpenguin. welcome to the forums and the site. i love this place and i just got my germs going for my 4x4x6 foot tent. i am jealous… i wish i had the height you had on yours but you got what you got. i was going to do 4 plants in mine, but had been reading thru stuff on here in forums and most are of the opinion that for a first time grower 4 is quite a handful. What i’m suggesting is that you might want to back off a couple plants considering your area alone let alone that you are a rookie. you might be able to fit by footprint six 5 gallon fabric pots in (i’m using same btw) your tent, but you will have branching and leaves overhanging your pots. another thing to consider is that overcrowding can cause plants to turn male or hermaphrodite. As i said, i’m a rookie and i could be wrong. others on here will chime in as they get around this fine monday morning LOL. i know that 3 of my germs had tails out but the other two went into peat pellets without having the seed cracked so they might not make it. if they don’t they don’t and i will be happy with only three this grow. Try to keep and make things as simple as you can for your first try and try to keep patience.


I’m with @Monkman. I would consider perhaps just doing one or two of each strain. If you don’t feel confident you can get one seed to germinate and sprout, then go with two of each.

Have you bought anything yet?

I would like some more details about your “800w” LED light. I have a suspicion it will not be enough light to flower your tent.

FWIW I also grow in 4x4x80" tents (I have two of them) with LEDs.

Some things to consider as you start this adventure:

  1. Where will your tent be located, and what are the environmental conditions in that space? (High and low temps and humidity)
  2. You will need/want some specific tools for growing:
    • A PH meter
    • A TDS/PPM meter

FFOF can be a little hot for young plants, so you should consider that when you start. Most people use something a little less charged for their seedlings, then transplant into the FFOF once the plant out grows their starter pots/cups.

I am not really a soil grower so I can’t help with too much on that end, unfortunately.


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lol @Bogleg Happy Birthday bud, and many more… but i got you by 15 so i get to level the kids thing on ya but mostly i’m complaining about my own inability to decipher some of the abbreviations used in comms and chats took me 5 mins to figure out the FWIW and i was surprised that i came up with it at all, mostly i just miss out on what folks mean by them lol.


Welcome to the forum! I think you have some great info from the others already posting. I would watch plant count on start up too, a lot can happen quickly. Since you’re planning on running autos, you can always start more later and add them to tent if it doesn’t fill the way you want, just a thought.

Also, in terms of starting autos in solo cup then transplanting. Sometimes they can get a little transplant shock and will trigger them to flower prematurely. It certainly appears a lot of the successful soil growers with autos will plant them in the pot they will flower them in. It also appears 3 gallon fabric is a favorite there.


Just to let you know I thought the same thing. Lots of girls in the grow room. I stressed the girls because they were so crowded in there. I had 6 plants in my 5X10 and the most I’ll do now is 3.

Hey there everyone thanks for all the tips ok so why I’m growing six plants so I’m the soul provider in my house and me my wife and mother all smoke and we average about an 1-2oz a month so I wanted enough bud so I could make it to next harvest without buying any of the bud in my area and im not to for sure on the lighting its comes with the grow tent it just says 800w led on Amazon

here is everything I’ve ordered so far @Bogleg

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I found the info for the equipment


I bought a smaller “tent kit” before joining ILGM and it came with a light that looks just like that. Actual watts were 218. It would be good for a 2’ x 2’ area… IF… if you can deal with the extreme heat it puts out. My light never has been put to work, only tested. Sooo…money wasted.

I have learned this… you are much better off buying things separately. If you haven’t bought the tent kit yet… don"t buy it, because you will be severly disapointed!


Just from the research ive done in the last few weeks getting ready to start growing I’ve realized the kits are a joke. For the price of that you could build an awsome light and have all the rest. The people on this forum are a lot of help.