First grow How Many Plants

Got my I❤️GM seeds today Autoflowers, Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookie and Gorilla Glue.

4x4x80 tent. My lighting is good for vegetative but will add a HLG 300 light when start flowering stage.

I was planning using Srog method. I have the Fox Farms ocean soil which I plan on adding 50% vermiculite… using 3 gallon VivoSun plant bags.

I was thinking of 5 plants?

I appreciate you all walking me thru this. Hopefully I can return the favor some day.


I found that 5 plants in a 4x4 was a PITA. ILGM bruce banners get very tall so be ready for that. I would do 4, one per 2x2 area. Good luck and sounds like a good plan to start!


I agree with @JWhistler and would do 4 plants for that size tent and pots. Best of luck and happy growing! :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:


I have 3 types of seeds Bruce B. Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout cookie so I am going to grow 2 of one kind what would be your preference ?

Also, I made a couple of bad purchases. EnFun FS 2000 lights and a 4” duct vent. I am going to purchase another tent. I was thinking of repurposing these Items in that tent for the purpose of getting clones going off first grow like 4 weeks into first grow and move the clones under the HLG lighting after first harvest and keep repeating the process until, I have a nice little stash and move to feminized seeds which have a longer harvest time as you all are well aware of…

Space isn’t an issue but I don’t believe I want a tent bigger than 5x5. If I grow “good high quality” I am not going to have an issue getting compensated for excess the excess I grow.

Summary I have a 4x4x80 AC tent. So with 2 tents I am thinking I can have a harvest every 4 to 6 weeks with 2 tents. What size tent should I purchase next and should I think of a third tent for going feminized seeds for higher Yields yet longer harvest times ?

I am retired but, don’t want this to occupy all my time or basement space. I still work 20 hours a week self employed. I just want to have the most Efficient size tent(s) and equipment for maximum yields and more importantly quality.


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I personally like the 4x4 tents. Planning to get another tent in the next 6 months and will be getting another 4x4. I grew ffof soil last grow and it was too difficult but there are some things you will learn as you go. Be careful not to over water with soil is the first mistake many make.

I have Bruce banners autos going in coco as we speak. I think I like photos better. But will see with this grow if I have a true preference.

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You will run into a problem with the clones, as your mother plants are going to be autoflowers. All autoflowers*** have an internal timer, so regardless of size and maturity they will flip into flower on that timer. So when you cut a clone 4 weeks into the grow, that clone is already 4 weeks into its internal timer.

(My *** is because some autoflowers actually do not contain enough Ruderalis in their genes to autoflower, and act more like photoperiod plants - but you have no way of knowing that 4 weeks in)

Your plan to repurpose the 4” fan and mediocre light for a small vegging tent is a great idea. I did the exact same thing, my veg tent is a very full 4x3 AC Infinity tent. Once you have clones from a photoperiod plant or have some photoperiod seeds to start, the veg tent will be a valuable asset to have.


Wow, that’s a lot to take in but, after reading it 3 times I getting it. Thanks for putting up with my nonsense.

I have learned a lot from you since, I have been on this forum. That last response on clones, learned auto flower vs photo period , internal clock, and so on in a short response and you dumb it down. Your definitely not stupid :bulb:.

I look to you as a mentor and appreciate your thought and more so your time in responding. You can grow more weed, you can’t grow more time.

I know you got some “Killer Weed”


I sure hope so. Harvest in a few weeks :crossed_fingers:


I wasn’t paying attention that he wanted clones from autos. Good catch! If I was going to tip an auto. I would probably attempt to clone it and throw it in a solo cup. But that’s just me. It would be small and finish quick. But I never minded her finishing quick :wink:


I wouldn’t do 5. Unless they are Autos. I have a 4x4x80” and it was very bad. 2 or 3 Indica photoperiods top.

If Sativas…2 photoperiods tops.


Just curious… I have 12 Mephisto autos in my 4x4 tent, I did 16 last time THAT was too much.
Obviously I don’t get large amounts of each plant, I get between 20-40 grams per plant, but it’s all tops, heavy thick colas. Beautiful buds, beautiful bag appeal too.
Plus, I get 4 different strains. I get close to a pound every 90 days. Of a beautiful variety.

You must LST and grow big autos hu? You probably get multiple ounces per plant.

I’m not a all day smoker, a couple smokes at night, multiple strains to choose from. It works for me, 3 gallon pots. I’m just saying there are other options available.


5 plants fill tent fast.

Suggest 5 seeds ONE SPECIES, dropped and report back results.
HLG 360R and 260DK in seperate tents.
Vipar Spectras in each tent.
Wattage: 330, 250, 450, and 215/215, respectively.
Lights OFF

Lights ON

I grow 4 at a time trying keep same plants going together instead of 3 different kinds with mult different needs an height with 1 light !i have 4 stages of lights i go thru lol

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Started with 1, still grow one at a time.


I had one strain and cloned from 1980-84.
I will be going back to one at a time, soon as I get it right.
I am not commercially growing, just want to get it right.
One can be so much fun.
Five plants equals I need to sacrifice one for space, too often.
Which one? It hurts the mind.


Yes sir thats what i did cobbled stuff together :+1: youll do well .

How many plants??
Depends upon size and goals, my guess.

many of these?She is eight inches tall, residing in a Big Gulp Cup in a 3-Gal bag.
Wow, what fun can we have.

Last grow I had 4 autos in a 4x4x80, 450 watt led, organic nutes, coco loco soil 5g fabrics and got over 300g per. It was so packed. Mediocre seed bank as well. Now my stupid ass has 4 BF autos in the same 4x4 in autopots. Complete PITA. 3 of the 4 are close to 4ft. And falling all over each other 1 month from harvest. I’m definitely going bigger tent and light next run. For me it’s better to have more room and control than not. Just my opinion. I’m a new grower.

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