First grow

This is my first time growing anything. Very excited. I’m not sure what type of seeds these are just some I had lying around. I planted them while waiting for my ILGM seeds

What’s your setup? (lights, fans, pot size, tent size, etc.)

That is a 4’x4’ tent with a 400 watt mh/hps light. Plants are in 2 gallon grow bags, they sprouted 32 days ago and got transplanted to those bags 7 days ago.

Looking good. You do seem to have a few too many plants for that tent though. :slight_smile: Cannot wait to see what comes out of this.

I have not sexed them yet and I plan on keeping them small ( I’m ready to start my northern lights :lol: )

looks as though your bottom leaves are getting a little yellow, are your lower leaves getting a little yellow?

not to be a smart ass, but as in life, as in growing… walking before running is better.
That is a lot of plants. With this being your first grow maybe 2-4 would allow you to absorb all the learning comming your way. That many plants will be hard to get as personal with each one.
I am not impling that you can’t do it, more like you should not. But each person in the end learns how, what and why on their own terms…

again are those bottom leaves looking yellow to you?

I see; That is a good point about having to sex. Did not realize you were growing regulars; As so few do, these days. :wink:

Make sure to keep an eye on your temps in order to allow soil to dry abit in case you are over watering a bit.

Yes some of the leaves turned yellow. That was part transplant shock and part ph issues but the new growth is good and green. And I don’t think that 2-4 plants would teach me anymore than a million plants just more work.

my bad I thought you said it was your first grow.
and yes, one plant will teach you more. along with patients, humility is second of things to learn as a new grower. as with most things walking is before running. But… I have only been growing since 1975 or so.

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Keep;em coming! :slight_smile: