Another first timer

So this is my first time growing anything but im giving it a go. Reading here and Youtubing a lot. Noticed yall real helpful to a lot of people so. Thanks in advance. This is what I got

2x4x6 tent
hlg 260qb kit
FFOF soil
Laplata labs Buddahs Delight seeds indica (cheapest ones)
4 in exhaust fan (have not used yet)
6 in clip fan
ph meter

15 days old

The second one has been yellower pretty much the whole time
The third spouted 2 days later after i moved a rock from right where the seed was.
The lights are running on low on 18 6 schedule at 12 to 24 inches (not sure whats better) Next week will probably turn lights up and transfer to 5 gallon pots

Any help, tips or comments appreciated


Welcome to the forum, you should not water your seeds to much, also do you have drain holes in the cups?
and what are your humidity levels? Oh and they need re potting to there bigger pots like straight away, also do you have a PH and PPM pen?


It looks like it’s about time to transplant, too! Welcome to ILGM! :v:


Welcome to ILGM @Hungrybud & @elheffe702 got you covered :v::call_me_hand:


Looking good, keep up the great work


Welcome to the forum! They look a little wet and I agree you’ll be about ready for transplant. In the future, put a little more medium in the cups so they can get out a little easier. You may want to find a way to keep some fresh air in the tent if you’re not running fan.

Let us know if you need anything, and best of luck with your grow too!


Thanks all

Yes I had just watered fully for the second time spraying besides that.
yes drain holes in cups

Humidity levels all over from 75% to 30% used a wet towel now have a humidifier. Trying to get it together.

Temps all over from 78 to 60

Yes got a ph pen watering at 6.4 or 5. First time used distilled

Yes realized too late shoulda used more medium in cup

Just clip on fan blowing and vent open

Thanks again

Do you think I should turn the lights all the way up or wait till I transfer in a couple days and about what distance?

Why yall think the one is some much yellower than the other 2?


Yeh transplant them mate, they will really perk up when you do, try to get an aloe mixture to spray them with makes a diff.


If you temps dropping that low, your probably in my situation. Cold basement, live in the arctic. I use a small personal vornado heater attached to a heat controller. Keeps temps stable and warm, I spray the tent walls down a couple times a day and humidity stays in check.

Inkbird 10A 110V Digital…

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welcome to the forums @DirtyDetroit from another michigander. good luck on your grow lots of good folks here to help, just ask!


As others mentioned, they are ready for transplant to boost growing.

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Welcome @DirtyDetroit :sunglasses:

Can I please suggest this ILGM grow bible to hit the ground running

It’s a great resource to have on hand while being part of this forum. Everything comes together nicely :sunglasses:


Thanks all for your help and comments @Hungrybud @elheffe702 @monkman @GreenCoat @dbrn32

So yesterday I transplanted like everyone suggested

Got different kinds of 5 gallon pots smart and plastic just to see if I noticed any differences. Watered about a half gallon each ph at about 6.7. Light about 18in from top of plant. 19 days old

Maybe water again tomorrow seemed a little dry today. They were real dry when transplanted.

Thanks again for any tips or comments


All looks good! Nice clean well prepped setup :wink:

They need water mate.

Did you water the seedlings medium and the medium you transfered them to before transplant?

Thanks @Hungrybud I will water again tomorrow.

No I didn’t water the medium or the seedlings before transplant just watered when I transplanted maybe about a half gallon each till some runoff. Everything got me paranoid about overwatering.

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With FFOF you want to pre water the soil and let it dry out before transplant. You’ll notice the soil is pretty hydrophobic and the water runs right through it.

So I think ive been messing up and not watering enough. So paranoid about overwatering. When I transplanted the seedling it was pretty dry and I didn’t pre water the new soil. Gave about a half gal then. 2 days later watered again about 3/4 gallon 3 days after that soil was pretty dry again and 1 of my girls(I don’t know if theyre girls yet) had this

I hope thats just not enough water but I dont know, what do you guys think? I did change from distilled water to tap water I let sit out. The others had some yellowing there but not the spots.

Besides that i watered again between 1/2 and 3/4 gallon and the next day they looked better and had some growth after seeming to not since transplant

25 days old
Will water about 1/2 gallon every other day for the next week to not let soil get to dry.

Again thanks for the help and comments

Gonna experiment with a fim on 1 or 2 in the next couple days and see what happens. At least one ill let just grow out regular

Getting some Fox Farms nutes (probably) this weekend.

Thanks again


Do you PH and PPM your ingoing water and outgoing water?

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