JordabGrows (New cultivator looking for friends and info)

Hello everybody thanks for dropping by! As you have read I’m a new cultivator and am currently on my second grow (had a humidifier and then heater malfunction that just annihilated my first grow). I’m currently running autoflowers which are Wedding Cake (Day 18) and Blue Lights (Day 3). Now the big question regarding my Blue Lights is that is has a mutation causing it to grow leaves in sets of 3 and I’m reading a lot of mixed info as to what it is and how it effects the plant. Unlike my Wedding Cake I planted my Blue Lights directly into my 5gal fabric pot of Ocean Forest and have Jobes Spikes planted directly into it. I figure it’ll give it time to release if I have them stuck immediately. Im also watering a little differently this time to help the roots chase out. Instead of just watering directly at the base of the stem I’m leaving it dry and watering around it to hopefully get the roots to stretch into it a little faster? Anyone tried this? Am I being stupid lol? My Wedding Cake has a few things I’m curious about. 1, is it on par for what it is size wise? I’m pretty sure do to my own overwatering issues I may have stalled it out for about a week, I’m seeing vigorous new growth so I know it’s kicked back in gear I just feel like I’m a week or two behind. I also feel like the color is a little light, which the newest leaves are looking darker but we’ll see if it sticks or not. The last thing is that the very tips of the leaves either have minuscule yellowing and/or they curl ever so slightly upwards as well as a little waves here and there. I started out with Dr Earth Bloom potting mix I believe (regretted that as soon as I opened up the Fox Farm Ocean Forest for transplant) and I’ve been watering with bottled/distilled water and while I don’t have a digital ph meter it’s appeared to be mid 6’s to 7 on test strips as it should it. My humidity and temperature have had a few spikes as I’ve been trying to improve my setup but I’m staying at a general 79F and 60-65% humidity and is set about 2.5 feet away from my 1,000 Watt full spectrum Bloomspect light. I’ve just added Jobes Spikes around my pots because my stem had purpled out and as well as the yellowing and color fading I though maybe it needed some of the starter nutrients but it also is probably just getting into the Ocean Forest so I’m hoping I didn’t over do it. Well hopefully someone made it through my ramble and I’m allowed to add pictures. We shall see!


Welcome to a friendly place to learn and share.
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Forum readers often support seedling “CUP” watering pattern. Dome prevents watering close to seedling stem and allows roots to seek outward for the good stuff.

  1. Indoor or outdoor? - size of grow?
    -Indoor, 3x3 closet

  2. Origin of seeds?
    -Local grow shop ordered them from idk where.

  3. Regular, feminized, or autoflower?

  4. Origin of water. PH, EC/TDS of source water?
    -Bottled/Distilled water. 6.5-7 PH. Idk what EC/TDS is

  5. PH and TDS/EC of if mixed solution?
    -Not sure I’m using FoxFarms Ocean Forest.

  6. Grow method? Soil, Soil-less, Coco, Hydro, Aquaponics. Please explain.
    -Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil

  7. Nutrients or fertilizer system used.
    -Jobes Spikes (am I going to need legit nutes?)

  8. What typr of lighting are you using? LED, HID (MH, CMH, HPS), or Fluorescents? Please elaborate.
    -1,000 Watt Full Spectrum Bloomspect LED

  9. What are the temps in your growspce? Day / Night?
    -Both stay between 77-79F

  10. What is the RH = relative humidity in your growspace? Day / Night?
    -Day 60-65% Night 50-65%

  11. AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier?
    -Humidifier, Heater, Heating mat

  12. Do you have a Ventilation system? Size? 4", 6"?
    -3” fan and my door cracked 1-3 fingers wide

  13. Co2 Yes / No?

  14. How long have you been growing?
    -Technically 46 days but at Day 18 this grow.

  15. What budget have you set in order to grow successfully?
    -Trying to avoid spending anymore than necessary.

Welcome to the community! They all look healthy to me. That one with the 3 Cotyledons is AWESOME!! we on the opposite end of the ship, yours was born with three mine was born with one :rofl:

And this is her now


@Se7en from stunted to stunning baby. I would assume it would struggle with only one cotyledon but clearly it has no issues at all that’s awesome!


@JordabGrows yeah I believe it stresses them a little right from the start, with her being a auto aswell I was a little doubtful but she doing great now :pray:t2:

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Welcome to the community. You will have lots of friends here. :blush::v:

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