Wedding cake auto not making trichomes by Wk 7

I am referencing this grow over here:

I purchased 20 Wedding Cake autos from ILGM and planted them in early September. This is my 2nd grow. The 1st was of mystery photo seeds, same environment, and they grew so many trichomes with my 300 watt Mars Hydro TSL 2000 light dimmed to 50%. This round, I’m using my light at 75%, which is brighter. Neither of my Wedding Cake gals are growing any trichomes and I’m just starting week 7.

Tbh, they do not look like the same strain to me. I used FFOF and MG, but in one pot I used dr earth 4-6-3 just to try it. Idk soil feed is kinda a waste with autos. I wanted to experiment and see what happened. They do not look like the same plant to me, but I won’t blame the breeder. I used different soil for each. It’s the same seed, don’t u think?

In case ya don’t feel like clicking, here’s a pic of my Wedding Cake autos on week 7:

My light absolutely worked wonders on the photo mystery seed and it’s more light now than before. A friend suggested I use a lizard light of UVB, but I don’t wanna mess with the light mid grow. Idk what to do.

Can someone with experience in ILGM Wedding Cake tell me wtf is going on here, please? Watch, in another week, it’ll explode just cause I talked shid about em. Idk PPMS and I use bottled water to avoid PH testing. Idk wtf I’m doing, but I’m trying to learn how to feed and train em. What’s going on with these autos? This didn’t happen with my photo and I beat the hell outa her so bad it’s a wonder she didn’t grow legs and run.

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Just be patient. My ILGM wedding cake auto kinda did nothing for ages. Seriously I think it was my longest flowering plant by 2-3 weeks. She was so worth the wait. Yours looks about like mine did when it just finally started to flower. You’re in for a bit of a wait, but you won’t regret it. I harvested mine in January and am still sitting on an ounce or so. :v:

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How many hours of lights-on vs lights-off.

I’m doing 20 on 4 off. Ya think maybe next cycle I should do 23:1 for this strain? The weather is getting colder, so I’ll have to supplement heat at night next time.

Sir, my soil just ain’t right yet and (dr earth 4-6-3) soil feed seems to be tip burning. Should’ve used Flower Girl. I’m just hanging in there with the mediocre choices I made before they moved in. I’ll do better next cycle.

Ty all for assuring me that I just need a bit more patience. I figured as much, but it boosts confidence to hear from experienced growers that yep, ya just gotta wait.

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Are the tiny white things on the right leaf early trichomes? They look natural, but dang they’re small!

Ty for the help, y’all!


I see glittering little tri’s in that pic. See, those lil white snowflakes on your sugar leaves. Wedding Cake is one of my all time fav’s. I definitely need to order some of those beans. Take a breath, enjoy your grow, and remember to Have Fun!

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Agreed. They’re there and building, just gonna take time. :100::v:

Why not introduce more hours of darkness? That may stimulate the plants to produce more .
Tips burnt a little = painted nails, indicates full feeding, maybe.


This isn’t a bad thing at all, pushing your plant to her limits helps make her stronger and produce more.

This is a great idea too. Sometimes autos need a little kick in the flowering dept, and giving them some darkness usually seems to do the trick.
All that said, they look just fine, and will definitely start coming in shortly. Soon you’ll open up your space and be punched in the nose by the scent, you’ll know for sure that everything is going well.

Yes sir!

I wanted to update for others growing ILGM Wedding Cake Autos. They DID take extra long to produce trichomes, but they showed up just fine. Also, flowers got much fatter once tris started clouding up. Wait to harvest! Wait cause they get a bump of growth after trichomes. I think I harvested too early, but my soil wasn’t gonna last.

The bushy right plant smells like lemon poppyseed muffins. The yellower one on the right might be kinda lame, she’s still drying.

I have 3 more popped in a journal called WCA as well as 3 ILGM Purple Punch Autos (PPA A-C) growing now. Thanks so much for helping me. I really appreciate it. I know what I need to learn, but it’s like calculus or potty training. Ya gotta be ready.

Greetings folks.
Very glad to see this thread. I was beginning to get concerned after accidentally buying photo seeds of G13 and Candy Cush. They got to 9 weeks before I realized they weren’t Autos.
So I was feeling a bit of Deja vu with my two current girls.

Zkittles @ 9 weeks

Wedding cake @ 9 weeks

They are both DWC Hydro in 15 gal tubs & 4" net-pots. They were planted the same and nutrients have been the same. Zxittles bloomed just before 5 weeks and went to stretching. She’s on track to yield 10 oz like her predecessor.
And then there was Wedding cake, a tight green bundle of bud tips everywhere but in no hurry to show her private parts. She’s just been getting more bushy until this past week the flowers are showing. Trichromes are a bit down the road.
It would seem that I’m a month behind on harvest of half my crop. I’d hoped to have them hanging by the holidays. But it is looking like a bountiful harvest.

I noticed a while back that the strain description pages appeared to have been rewritten. They need some work. The info doesn’t always match the strain and the presentation is not consistent. How long before flowering, how long flowering, sizes, resistances & vulnerabilities, easy vs hard to grow, etc.

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Trimmed out at 15.5 oz for the Wedding Cake and 12 oz for the ZXkittles.
I was gone out of town for a week. I cut and hung the ZXK before I left and used that tub as a reservoir for the Wedding Cake linked with a short length of garden hose.
Wedding Cake had hints of blue in the buds and all the non-bud leaves had turned yellow. On the lower levels new buds were generating and some buds were popping new white pistils. The Trichromes were cloudy with about 1% red so it turned out to be a pretty good harvest. I bought two Grove bags with 1LB capacity to try out. It beats dealing with dozens of mason jars.

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