Wedding cake trouble help

I got the sweet mix comes with zkittelz gelato and wedding cake the zkittlez and gelato went amazing but the wedding cake didnt produce anything but leaves and triclombs and i mean alot of triclombs but there is no bud structure at all two runs i changed from coco coir to happy frog soil i also added humidifier, humidity around 55-65% two fans, 6 inch exhaust fan with a wills 2500 led i think it turns out to be 650w 2nd run was only wedding cake because the first one was a wast of time and money so wanted to just focus on one this time but nothing changed did i do something wrong twice or is the wedding cake a weak strain below is the top cola it was fat but shunk next to nothing

They’re autoflowers?

Yes they are i would say they sent the wrong thing but they did great on shipping me what i asked for i had the lights on for 19-5 they went into flowering by them self both runs they both had fat colas and smelled amazing even the branchs were bending because of the weight of the buds also the temperature didn’t reach higher then 75°f with lights and 65°f without lights

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Sorry for the lack of pictures but if it helps heres a few more i took 1 week before i harvested


How many weeks of flower did it go through

I left it flowering for 9 weeks total i know they suggested 8 weeks but the pistals,triclombs,and leafs didn’t show signs it was ready yet.

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The only reason i asked is that most autos go to 12-13 weeks sometimes


I was going to let them go a little longer but the triclombs were turning amber and didnt want to let it go further

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I’m growing the wedding cake auto sold by itself. I noticed both seeds bent c-shaped the 1st day they broke soil and corrected themselves rather quickly. My grow album is “Cake Walk” if u wanna come comment comparisons. I welcome advice.

How did u dry em?

I wanna clip the whole bush as close to the root as possible and dangle her upside down till her branches snap crunchy. I burp freezer bags kept in that dark ventilated space till nugs aren’t squishy anymore. Sometimes I don’t even trim. If I’ll smoke a stick and not blink, a few sugar leaves ain’t gonna keel nobody

I just cut individual branches and cut the big water leaves off not all the leaves because it will dry to fast then hung upside-down in my grow tent keeping any eye on the humidity and temp making sure not to open the tent when the room lights were on you want to wait maybe a week to cut the buds off or untill the branchs snaps but definitely before the buds dry. Then i placed the the buds in Mason jars for about another two to three weeks burping then for at-less an hour a day once or twice a day but depending on what high you want will determine how long to let them flower for

Just an fye if you get it right your buds will taste sweet!!! Not a harsh hit just really sweet i haven’t had anyone complain to me about them🤣


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I’m completely new to growing and harvesting. I want to try growing wedding cake based on the claims: continental climate, mold and disease resistant, easy for a first-timer to grow, ect. I will be growing outdoors in the far, far north of the lower 48. This variety does not have that many reviews. Is it as great as they claim?


I haven’t personally grown that strain but iv noticed all ILGMs strains seem to be good and tough, I don’t think you will be unhappy with anything you pick.
I think @ChittyChittyBangin grows wedding cake often.

If you have any questions about starting your grow just ask the community, everyone here is helpful and wants to see you succeed.

@Autos-only thanks for the tag. If youre growing in the ground, i would def start germinating. Ive grown wedding cake a few times and did great. I enjoyed it. It will start out small but once she takes off its like a rat on acid… she does enjoy her worm tea :slight_smile:

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It is a great strand have patience with it tho everyone that i had gave this strain to loved it i had trouble with it at first but the second run was fantastic she loves her light so make sure she has a full day of light i know shes an auto flower but she loves it also make sure she has plenty water but not flood also since your putting it ouside make sure she has good nutrients she will thank you in the end

Newly growing Wedding Cake Autoflower. One is well-shaped and one has leaves curling down and inward (see photo). Any ideas why? Should I plant more or wait to see if it straightens out?

How long have you been foliage spraying

After you spray it do you put outside?
The reason i ask it could be happening because of light stress, wind stress,heat stress ,over or under watering and less likely disease or bugs.

Maybe two weeks, germinated them ~ 3 weeks ago

Thanks for any help!