Wedding cake,zkittles,Gelato autoflower

can anybody help me out with what I’m dealing with on the leaves…
Zkittles day 69 from first light been like this prilly since day 14 just curious on what it is

Need to take a filtered pic or one with natural light to be able to assess:)

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Possibly Calcium magnesium deficiency, too late now but the flowers look nice and frosty :slight_smile: I enjoy zkittles!

Thanks for the compliment i figured it was calcium but I wasn’t sure…

You ph is right but your ppm is probably off or vice verses !

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It’s wierd how strain literally makes all the difference im feeding Gelato skittles and wedding cake the same thing…wedding cake leaves look slight yellowish skittles is the one you see and Gelato is loving it…

Now you just unlock a golden ticket rule in growing different strains. You cannot feed both plants the same, I have yet to have a successful harvest from all plants eating the same and on the same feeding schedule, no grower can do that successfully without alteration to the plants roots system. Congratulations :tada: !


You not lying my maui and la both took to the nuts differently now these 3 are a little different I tell ya what would help if people expressed there own personal grows with certain strains and what worked a didn’t as far as nuts but I appreciate the feed back

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