Wedding cake and Auto Blueberry×bigbuds

Starting off this journal to gain advice and strategies to getting the best quality and yield from these two strains. First timer and my setup is basic with a 4x4 tent , 800watt led full spectrum, humidifier, fan and a cool air vent coming from an ac vent. Typically I have temp at 75-80 with 60-70% humidity. I have an exhaust fan but not running it due to no odor . Umm yea thats about it , so please chime in with questions or concerns.


That light won’t work with 4 plants. Unless they are Autos. And they lie about those lights and they get away with it.

Really??? Dang so what light am I going to need or do I need it now?

The blueberry is auto but the two wedding cakes are just feminized seeds

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Depends on your cash flow. Its not cheap for killer lights.

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So are you saying this light won’t continue to grow them or it won’t flower ?

My light is rated at 1000 watts but it only pulls 120 from the wall.

With your light being 800 watts it pulling less than that.

If you want a good quality light check out the HLG lights. Many people use them and have great results.

Hunting a light on amazon thats quality can be done but you have to know what you are looking for.

Your plants look fine for now but like @MrPeat said, you are going to want alot more for 4 plants.

I am using my light for 2 plants and im going to have to pick up another light for flower because my light claimed to have a 2x2 footprint, but its more like 1.5x1.5.


No…what I am saying you won’t get overly a lot. Like my crops is 2 lbs and up. My old lights no more than 3.32 oz.

So @MrPeat , whats a good inexpensive light with good lighting quality for four plants?

Here’s an update on photos!
When should I even think about transplanting and LST ??

Spiderfarm, mars hydro, hlg. Those are all good lights.

You transplant when you see roots coming out of the bottom of your container.

I would transplant before you lst as well. Itll save hassle.

In the first picture it looks like your leaves are curling up. That could be from heat.