Autoflowering blueberry kush

Hi all I’m totally new to all this these are autoflowering blueberry kush Dutch passions how are the looking any info really appreciate it as I haven’t a clue​:grin::grin: there in 5 litre pots gd drainage at the bottom peat and perlite I’ve been told to get coco so it’s on the way :grin: I’m just gonna ride it out with the peat and perlite as I was told not to transfer auto too much it would stress them out.ive transferd too these pots last week.any help would be great regards nutrients so on as I dont them ph water every 4-5 days thanks folks :+1: grow tent 2ft x 5ft 100watt led are they looking droopy or is it just they transplant help welcome :disappointed_relieved:

Hard to tell with the Blurple lights. I am growing a Blueberry Kush via Nirvana Seeds I bought back in May 2018. These was my very first seeds.

She is racing for the finish line. She is eating up every nutrient left in the leaves. Also she is very fragrant. :+1:

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Cheers bud I’m using a 100watt led it’s got all blue and white lights all help is welcome this is all new to me :grin::grin:

Look really good to me

Lights is the most important thing when it comes to growing. Whether outdoors or indoors. I ditched my Viparspectra PAR600 lights to HLG lights. Went from 3 oz per crop to exceeding over 27 oz per crop.


Cheers guys would you recommend changing the lights nxt time around are so there looking ok so far cheers folks glad I found this today :grin::grin::grin::+1::+1:

Cheers mate getting to worrying times what nutrients would you give it and when would you recommend cheers

Depends what you need to have on stock pile. HLG lights with Photoperiod plants can get you over 1 lb and higher with good lights.

With crappy lights you will be lucky to score 1 to 3 oz. Its costly but if you need to smoke like I do, 27 oz crops may sound excessive, but with weight you can jump into Edibles and what not. If you like to dab, you gotta have some weight to pull it off.

I think you get the idea. :+1:

:grin::grin: if I got anything off them this time around I will be happy I’m going to invest in a better light nxt time for sure for now I will let it roll :joy::joy: they dont seem too want much water yet is that a gd thing or bad I’m watering every 4-5 days

I wouldn’t wait that long to water. I try 2 to 3 days apart.

I will try that do you think I could add sum nutrients yet or leave it for a while thanks again :+1::+1:

You could do small doses till the plants get used to it. :+1:

I am new to growing here, but have loved gardening for long time. What I have read you do not want to use nutrients until plants take a good hold. Just me, there are so many folks on here who know much more than me. I like to experiment on my girls, tie them over, top more than most do and fem often as well.

Have this one, a fem plant tied to where the stalk is right on the ground, and all the off shoots pinned and stretched as well. She seems to respond well so far.

My little grow room lol. I grew them in my compost and never added any nutrients. Will add new pictures in a bit, 2 are budding, 2 just starting to bud and 1 oddball that just keeps growing. These are all autos.

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Folks thanks for your help this site is magic your plants look great I will keep ye updated with photos any problems etc thanks again guys much appreciated :+1::+1::+1:

Hi guys that’s a picture of 1 out of the tent what nutrients would you guys use if and thanks

@ Tinman, I know it is a small grow but I am excited. Seeds sprouted on march 8 and started to flower on april 28. Still a ways to go , but happy so far.

All looks gd hope mine are the same :grin: what are the biotab nutrient tablets I was told to use them any ideas